Dr. Oz explains Benefits of Eating a High Fiber Diet on ‘Oprah’

Dr. Oz explains Benefits of Eating a High Fiber Diet on ‘Oprah’

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[Best Syndication] Dr. Oz visited on the Oprah TV show and discussed the benefits of eating a high fiber diet. Dr. Oz shared different studies from a new show that he is hosting on the Discovery Channel called, ‘The Truth about Food.’ It is a six part series that looks at how food affects our health.

The surprise that Dr. Oz did today on ‘Oprah’ was to swallow a pill-cam which is a camera that travels through the digestive track and takes pictures all the way down. Dr. Oz showed pictures of his digestive track to the viewers and the audience throughout the show. In order to see the digestive tract walls he did not eat anything for 24 hours. This pillcam Dr. Oz explained has been used by over a half of million people to help diagnose medical problems.

Dr. Oz showed a segment from ‘The Truth about Food’ show about two truck drivers that suffered from constipation. The truck drivers admit that they eat convenience foods that come pre-made. Dr. Oz explained that most pre-packaged foods that we prefer to eat often have little to no dietary fiber. With little dietary fiber, constipation can easily occur.

Both truck drivers swallow a pill that is used as a tracking device to determine the length of time it would take for them to digest their food. One truck driver took a little over 22 hours to pass the tracking pill, while the other truck driver took over 42 hours to pass his pill.

Both truck drivers were instructed to eat fiber rich foods, such as high-fiber cereal bars and apples with their skin. Within a week of eating the abundantly rich diet of fiber, both truck drivers had improved their digestive track speeds and no long complained of constipation.

The truck drivers took another tracking pill after they changed their dietary fiber intake and both had considerably reduced their time to pass the pill. The one that took 22 hours reduced his time to a little over 10 hours. The other driver that had 42 hours reduced his time to 12 and one-half hours. This was a dramatic change in only one week’s time. One of the truck drivers said that it seemed like he has to go to the bathroom all the time now.

Dr. Oz explained that there are many benefits to eating a high fiber diet. One benefit is that the fiber will absorb the bile that your body releases. This traps excess cholesterol that your body makes and can reduce your blood cholesterol levels considerably. Also by keeping your digestive tract moving, you reduce your risk of having toxins build up in your system, and this may lower your chances of colon cancer. Another benefit for diabetic people is that a high fiber diet lowers the speed that sugars enter into the blood stream, which can help to manage blood sugar levels more effectively. Also another benefit that Dr. Oz reminded the audience is that it can help in weight loss because it makes you feel full.

Dr. Oz said that the average American gets 7 grams of fiber a day. Women need around 25 grams of fiber a day while men need 35 grams. He said that is about 7 – 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The best sources for dietary fiber are beans and bran as the contain larger amounts than other foods per serving.

Dr. Oz said that when you first upgrade your fiber intake you have to slowly build up your fiber intake because your digestive tract is not used to working up to this speed. You can experience gas and this is a good thing because your body is eating healthy foods he said. Another note, not mentioned on the show, was to drink more fluids to help in the transition to diet with more fiber.

By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer



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