Advanced Infrared Application Sees Fire Through Smoke

Advanced Infrared Application Sees Fire Through Smoke

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Thermografix Consulting Corporation of Kelowna, British Columbia Canada is reporting the immediate availability of an Infrared Imaging Application that would give fire command immediate sight through smoke at any time during the day.

Thermografix thermally mapped the Okanagan Park Fire with unobstructed sight through the smoke from start to interface with Kelowna, BC in 2003. One third of the city was evacuated and Kelowna lost over 230 homes in the interface fire, smoke prohibited sight.

It was later presented in media and to the Fire Inquiry that Thermografix was the ONLY one that saw the interface fire. Gary Filmon and the entire commission panel were speechless at the accurate visual information of the fire that hadn’t been available to fire fighters.

BC fire budget for the year was 50 million, direct costs were 500 million and everyday smoke was reported as inhibiting sight as well as fire fighting.

Infrared technology is presently used behind the fire and very generically from above the fire. Infrared is a valued tool behind the fire looking for hotspots, it can be used in front of the fire and provide unprecedented information to fire crews, governments, education and research.

The Tatoosh Fire in BC is presently reporting sight problems through the smoke and that their IR is ineffective from the air. Thermografix reports every confidence in giving unobstructed sight through smoke successfully. This imaging application is exceeding IR expertise with the method being employed.

Thermografix’s imaging applications are extensive as well as unprecedented, the applications will be in educational curriculum at all levels. Seeing temperature versus calculation and assumption will elevate education throughout the world.

Thermografix presented 18 years of thermography research for a medical audience this summer and the physicians were given CME credits for attending. This takes thermography applications to a new level as the presentation included fires, climate change, etc, the toxicity with greenhouse gas emissions and finished with medical imaging applications for breast cancer, etc.

Go to and follow the imaging of the Okanagan Park Fire through the smoke from start past interface. The imaging shows water bombers from miles away dropping fire retardant and water, the capability of giving aircraft the same sight is cost effective.

Putting the fires out in a hurry can’t be overstated, second sight will save millions in direct costs immediately.

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