ABC’s Lost TV show 3rd Season Starts Tonight

ABC’s Lost TV show 3rd Season Starts Tonight

ABC's "Lost"

It was a very long summer as reruns abounded of “Lost” reruns and new storylines are here with the premiere of the 3rd season kicking off this Wednesday night.. According to Wikipedia, there is approximately over 15 million “Lost” fans that are waiting for the next show.

Season two left us all hanging with a super cliffhanger. Locke decided to not enter the numbers into the computer, he even broke the computer and as all the magnetic explosion of some sort happened he said “I was wrong.” He thought that entering numbers was a hoax and he was part of a science experiment and believed that nothing was going to happen. Oops! He was so wrong.

Desmond was with Locke in the bunker when the magnetic forces went off causing the explosion. Viewers don’t know if these two survived. Mr. Eko attempted to use explosives to blow up the door of the bunker, and it was not clear if he was dead, kind of looked that way though.

There is also a new twist as “The Others” release Hurley back to let the other crash survivors to not ever come back to get Kate, Jack, or Sawyer. “The Others” are going to keep these three prisoner where it looks like they will be brainwashed maybe? Will Michael who was given a boat to be rescued takes off with his son come back to help the other crash survivors?

Desmond noticed that the day he didn’t enter the numbers in the computer on the first incident was the same day that the Flight 815 crashes. Will another plane full of people be headed their way?

There is a lot to look forward to with the 3rd season as there will be a total of 23 episodes. The first six shows will air this fall, and then there will be some reruns. In February 2007, the remaining 17 shows will air consecutively.



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