Scientifically-proven Hypoallergenic Cats Are Provided With Extensive and Comprehensive Health Insurance

Scientifically-proven Hypoallergenic Cats Are Provided With Extensive and Comprehensive Health Insurance

ALLERCA kitten

ALLERCA Lifestyle Pets has produced the world's first scientifically-proven hypoallergenic cats. These cats allow some of the millions of people with feline allergies to finally enjoy the love and companionship of a household pet without suffering from allergic symptoms. The kittens cost $3,950.00 and the company has teamed up with Pets Best Insurance Services LLC (Pets Best) as the exclusive pet insurance provider for all ALLERCA kittens. All kittens are provided extensive and comprehensive coverage under the “Pets First Plan” the highest limit pet insurance policy available from Pets Best.

A major cat allergen is glycoprotein. This allergen is found in the fur, saliva, urine, mucous, salivary glands, and hair roots of the cat. The gene present in normal cats is responsible for the production of this protein.

Starting with proprietary genetic technologies, the ALLERCA team began by focusing on the particular gene that produces the glycoprotein. The process uses gene sequencing to detect naturally occurring genetic divergences in cats. ALLERCA then targeted those divergences that could potentially change the structure of the allergen produced by the gene. Using sophisticated bioinformatics to manage feline breeding programs, the final stage resulted in cats with a divergent gene that produces a different version of the protein and a cat that no longer triggers the autoimmune system of people allergic to cats.

According to Dr. Jack Stephens, Founder & President of Pets Best, “The bond we share with our pets affords many health benefits. The ability to provide kittens to families that are moderately or severely affected by pet-related allergies is very significant. Pets Best applauds this development by ALLERCA. This is a significant step towards enabling health and happiness for thousands of people who are now able to enjoy the bond and benefits of pet ownership.”

Some of the well-documented scientifically demonstrated benefits of pet ownership* include; increase sense of well-being, reduced anxiety and stress, decreased feelings of loneliness and isolation. Pets lower blood pressure, while increasing oxytocin (happiness hormone), increase phenyl ethylamine (attention hormone), increase endorphin (warm feeling hormone). Pets also increase levels of serotonin, a natural anti-depression chemical.

According to Megan Young, Allerca's CEO, “Pets Best provides the highest level of coverage and the highest payouts to pet owners. The coverage is straight-forward 80% coverage after the deductible. Not only will Pets Best provide what we feel is the best pet insurance available, Pets Best will also provide the most advanced tracking and monitoring of the health of our kittens.”

*Pets Help to Lower Blood Pressure A recent study at the State University of New York at Buffalo found that people with hypertension who adopted a cat or dog had lower blood pressure readings in stressful situations than did those who did not own a pet. (Dr. Karen Allen, State University of New York at Buffalo) Pets Help to Reduce Stress Walking with a pet helps to sooth nerves and offers instant relaxation. Studies conducted worldwide have shown that the impact of a stressful situation is lesser on pet owners, especially males, than on those who do not own a pet. (Josephine M. Wills, Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, United Kingdom)Pets Help to Prevent Heart Disease Because pets provide people with faithful companionship, research shows they may also provide their owners with greater psychological stability, thus a measure of protection from heart disease. (National Institute of Health Technology Assessment Workshop: Health Benefits of Pets)Pets Help to Lower Health Care Costs People with pets actually make fewer doctor visits, especially for non-serious medical conditions. (National Institute of Health Technology Assessment Workshop: Health Benefits of Pets) Pets Help to Fight Depression Pets help fight depression and loneliness, promoting an interest in life. When seniors face adversity or trauma, affection from pets takes on great meaning. Their bonding behavior can foster a sense of security. (Between Pets and People: The Importance of Animal Companionship)



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