5 Tips For Successful Meditation

5 Tips For Successful Meditation

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Meditation is an art that takes a certain degree of consistency, but almost anyone can find time to meditate, no matter how busy your days may be. Meditation takes little to no preparation time if you follow a few rules, so in less than a half hour, you can meditate and continue on with your normal daily schedule. Remember, meditation is all about being relaxed.

First, find a convenient and appropriate place and time for meditation. Many people choose to participate in a class or meditate with a more experienced person (commonly known as a guru). However, if this is not possible, you can still meditate and achieve great results. The place you select for meditation should be away from wherever you typically do your work—i.e., don’t meditate at your desk if you can help it. Also avoid any areas that are noisy or otherwise distracting. Not all outside distractions can be cut from your life, but try to keep them to a minimum.

Most people agree that the best time of day to meditate is in the morning, before you begin the rest of your daily routine. At this point in your day, the hustle and bustle of life has yet to begin, and therefore you can more easily concentrate. However, other people choose to meditate in the middle of the day—this relieves some stress already building and helps you continue through the rest of the day. Others prefer the evening or directly before bedtime in order to release stress and sleep better. Whatever time you choose, try to be consistent every day.

It is important to be comfortable when you meditate, but not sleepy. Therefore, avoid meditating after large meals. It is also, on the other hand, detrimental to try to meditate when you are hungry. This can be very distracting, which is counterproductive to the goals of meditation. Meditating on an empty stomach is difficult and frustrating as well, especially for beginners. The most important thing is to know your own body—for example, if you usually have to use the restroom after drinking and eating, this is not a good time to begin meditating.

Being comfortable also means ensuring that your space has proper lighting and heating. Harsh florescent lights can make you strain your eyes, even when closed. The best meditation spaces allow sunlight, controlled by blinds, into the area. Be sure that you won’t be too warm or too cold, which can be as distracting as being hungry. Your body temperature may drop slightly as you meditate such as happens when you are sleeping, so be sure to account for this. Many people like to keep slippers close at hand to put on during meditation if needed.

Dress comfortably—you need no special outfit. If you decide to meditate mid-day, you may want to remove uncomfortable articles of clothing, such as pantyhose or ties, but it is unnecessary to completely change your outfit if you do not have time. As long as you are comfortable, meditation will be effective, because overall, that is what meditation as all about—being comfortable. By practicing meditation, you can be comfortable with yourself, your life, and the world around you every day.

By Mike Garrett

Mike Garrett has an interest in Speed Meditation. For further information on Speed Meditation please visit www.speedmeditation.com/meditation.html or www.speedmeditation.com/blog/2006/10/03/5-tips-for-successful-meditation/.



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