Reverse Aging - Dr Oz

Reverse Aging - Dr Oz

You: Staying Young - Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz

[Best Syndication] Yesterday, Dr. Oz discussed things that we can do to reverse or slow down the aging process. This was the first part of a two part show on aging with Dr. Oz on ‘Oprah.’ The second part will air on Monday. Dr. Oz believes that we could live to be 100 but not without disease.

Dr. Oz said that the fountain of youth is in yourself and in your kitchen. Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen have co-authored a new book called ‘You: Staying Young.’ They have released a number of successful “You” book series on how to stay healthy.

Oprah had a group of women in a section of the audience stand up that were either age 48 or 49. Oprah asked how they age, is it genetics that makes us look older? Dr. Oz said that lifestyle is a more important factor. One lady looked very young but said that she wore sunscreen and she is doing a 3 week detox diet. The detox diet doesn’t make her younger as a previous show with Dr. Oz showed us. She did lose 50 pounds a couple of years ago.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen have an aging test to see how healthy you are to improve your lifespan. The audience members participated in the test and they showed only 1 percent was outstanding (1 out of 100). There was 0 that was aging well. There was 18 percent that were aging average. The remaining 81 percent were not aging well. You can take the test on website.

Holly was the only one in the audience that tested outstanding on the aging test. She says she exercises a lot and lifts weights. She cooks almost all the food that she eats. She makes it a part of her life.

Another member had the worst score. She thought it was the sit ups that did her in. Dr. Oz said that she smoked and drinks and this was not healthy choices. In addition to this she was lacking physical fitness too.

Dr. Oz listed the “Major Agers”

1. High fat and High Sugar Diet
2. Lack of Exercise
3. Lack of Sleep
4. Too Much Sun

Dr. Oz said that you can change your aging in 3 months time. But if you go back to your old ways you slide backwards to aging more than you should again. So you need to change your lifestyle and eating habits for a lifetime to truly benefit.

The number one aging factor is stress. Dr. Oz said that we need to understand what is happening inside of us. Dr. Oz brought out the human body display that showed the insides of our body. He pointed to the area in the brain called the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. He referred to this as the mind body connection. When the body is stressed it turns on the adrenal gland which is located above the kidney. This pumps up your body for fight or flight response. When there is too much stress there is a vein called the Vegas which calms the body back down. We take deep breaths to calm the vegas nerve. When there is a lot of stress then your body builds up fat around your belly.

Dr. Oz said that the way to manage stress is mediation or prayer. Chi Gung or Tai Chi are exercise that are used to re-center your body to calm it down. When you make the ummm sound when meditating it stimulates you body to reduce stress.

Dr. Oz explained that foods can’t stop stress but foods can help calm your body down with foods rich in magnesium. Foods rich in magnesium are cereals, whole grain breads, beets, and raisins. Citris foods are rich in vitamin C and can help lower blood pressure. Potassium rich foods such as bananas, advacados, and yogurt help to lower your blood pressure. Antioxidant rich foods can help fight off the negative effects of stress.

Dr. Oz demonstrated two different methods to relax your body, and they are kind of silly. First one he said to lick your lips and then breathe in helps calm you down (I would have the worst case of chapped lips from doing this all the time!). The second one is to put a cork tall side going vertical in your mouth, and relaxes you (but it might look a little funny though.)

Dr. Oz explained what Telomeres are on the show. Dr. Oz explained that your chromosomes look like a shoe lace. On the ends of a shoelace you have a plastic cap on the end which is the telomeres of your genetics, but if the shoelace loses the end cap (or the telomere fall apart) the fabric becomes frayed which is comparable to your genetics not being able to make cells that can repair. This in essence is how we become frail when we age.

Dr. Oz gave us another health test we can do at home. If you can’t walk a quarter mile in 6 minutes there is a 300x’s greater chance that you won’t be alive in 5 years than if you can do the same distance in less than 5 minutes.

Dr. Oz ordered up a biophysical test for Oprah to measure her telomeres. Dr. Oz said that her telomeres were good. The overall test for Oprah showed that she was two years younger than she really is, but in her immune system she measures as a 28 year old. The biophysical 250 is currently used mostly for research. They are an expensive test that ranges from $1,500 - $3,500. Dr. Oz said that you can order bits and pieces of the test. Dr. Oz said that you can make your telomeres longer if you reduce stress.

Dr Oz said that you can order other less expensive tests that are indicators for health and any doctor can easily order them up. They are blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, vitamin D, and red blood cell count.

This show had warning messages that it might not be appropriate for kids because of the topics on sex or was it the preserved human bodies earlier in the show. Dr. Oz said that having loving monogamous sex regularly keeps you younger. Double the amount of sex you have you and you can live longer. Dr. Oz said that there are neurotransmitters in the semen (yikes!) One participant did the “You: Staying Young” program for 8 weeks and changed eating, exercising, stretching and yoga, and saw a return of her libido.

Dr. Oz said that sex is a symphony of hormones. When you age your hormones decline and then the desire diminishes. By doing healthy things you can reverse the clock and improve your hormones and your sex life.

Dr. Oz explained a way to test for erectile dysfunction. When a guy sleeps at night he should become erect, if he truly has erectile dysfunction he wouldn’t do this. He said to take enough postage stamps that are on a roll to stick and wrap it around the penis circumference. If the stamps do not pull apart on the perforations it is a sign that there is a problem and very likely that there is erectile dysfunction. The guy should talk to his doctor if he is having a problem with erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Oz showed the audience a secret Russian treatment to help men and women too. The drink is made of vodka infused with Rhodiola rosea, which is a plant that grows in the cold regions of the world. It has been shown to improving mood and alleviating depression. Dr. Oz explained that Rhodiola rosea helps to increase dopamine and serotonin and also can influences sexuality and immune function. Oprah said it is more vodka than anything else.

Dr. Oz asked how do we know if our brains are aging well? You can go to to get a test for the brain function. The audience members took the brain test. Dr. Oz said that this test measures your circuitry in your brain. If you are slow, then you are not working well. For every ‘H’ that you miss you add 4 seconds to your time to take the test. The slower you are at taking the test the older your brain is aging.

A viewer asked if spicy food helps you live longer. Dr. Oz explained that that spicy foods can help you live longer. In India they have a very low rate of Alzheimer’s disease and it is believed to be the tumeric spices that are used in the foods.

Dr. Oz said the best way to keep your mind sharp is to do what you are passionate about in life. You learn better when you are passionate in life.

The special “You: Staying Young” will be airing on the Discovery Channel. They are also airing “You: On a Diet,” and “You: The Owner’s Manual.” These are excellent shows that will inspire you further to pursue a healthier life.

By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer

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