Reverse Aging - ‘Oprah’ TV show has Dr. Oz discuss ways of Staying Young

Reverse Aging - ‘Oprah’ TV show has Dr. Oz discuss ways of Staying Young

You: Staying Young - Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz

[Best Syndication] Dr. Oz was on yesterday to finish up a two part series on ‘Oprah’ which discussed ways that you can reverse aging and to help keep you younger longer. Dr. Oz said in two weeks you can reverse aging in your body - chemically speaking. Habits take hold after 3 weeks, but after 3 months you can actually measure a reduction in aging.

Dr. Oz added that the only person that can cure you is you! He often has patients come into his practice wanting him to cure them, he can only treat the symptoms, but the lifestyle choices you do every day will have more impact on your health.

The first segment on the show was Frank and Elaine who are unhealthy. Frank, 52, is a part time professional bowler that is overweight, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes. He said that he takes between 14 – 15 pills a day to treat all of these conditions. Elaine is 45 and is an insurance broker that feels like she is 65 years old. She says that she has a stressful career and is tired. Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen visited at their home to assess their health and lifestyle. He weighed 270 and she weighed 223 pounds. Both are unable to keep up with the fitness test. They both took the biophysical 250 blood test to help see how they are aging.

Frank’s test results showed that his triglycerides were at 333 which where 3 times as high as they should be. He had high blood pressure. Dr. Oz said that he will die at least 15 years prematurely. Dr. Oz said that Frank is so close to being in the operating room for heart problems.

Dr. Oz had them walk at least 10,000 steps each and every day. They will change their diet by lowering unhealthy fats and reducing sugar. And they were to do Ki Gong exercise for stress reduction.

Dr. Oz asked people on the street what they thought of cardboard life size cut outs of Frank and Elaine when they were at their unhealthy weights. The people said that they were not healthy.

Oprah said that Frank and Elaine have been doing the program for the past 6 months. Both Frank and Elaine came on the show and they both have lost a considerable amount of weight. Frank has lost 60 pounds and 12 inches. Elaine has lost 30 pounds and 7 inches.

Oprah asked why is it easier for men to lose weight than women. Dr. Oz said that this is because of muscle mass.

Franks real age was first assessed to as a 72 year old, which is 20 years older than what he really is. Since doing this program, he has lowered his real age to 45 years. This was accomplished by losing weight, eating right, and exercising. He was able to lower his blood pressure and was able to get his blood sugar under control. Dr. Roizen said he didn’t have diabetes any more, but he may have meant that he is able to manage his sugar levels with diet and exercise at this time.

Elaine said that it is a way of life for them now and she is teaching her child these good habits. Frank told of a major health scare prior to the program where he had a pain in the back. His doctor did a stress test on him and found he had blockage to three of his arteries. Normally, Frank would have had heart surgery because of the risk of heart attack. Dr. Oz said that he has changed his lifestyle and this helped him avoid that open heart surgery.

Stacey, 46, asked about osteoporosis and how to prevent it. Bone density tests can help to determine if you have thin bones which is called osteoporosis. Dr. Oz showed bones of people on the show - one that is normal and another that had osteoporosis. Oprah’s audience members were assessed with a bone density test and they found that 74 percent were normal, while 26 percent have osteopenia. Luckily nobody had osteoporosis. Those that had osteopenia are at risk for developing osteoporosis in the years to come.

Dr. Oz said that you need to weight lift and exercise to improve bone density. Too much alcohol and too many cigarettes can also weaken bones. He strongly recommended taking vitamin D supplements to help improve bone density. If you live in the colder climates you are in more need for vitamin D. He said that 87 percent of elderly people living in Chicago have a vitamin D deficiency. If you don’t take supplements he said you can get vitamin D by sitting in the sun for 15 minutes every day.

Dr. Oz also went on to discuss the importance of taking vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. Vitamin A, C, E are antioxidant vitamins which keep our cell membranes healthy. Vitamin A promotes good eyesight. Vitamin C helps heal and fight infection. Vitamin E promotes a healthy heart and skin. If we are missing out on the nutrients then your body isn’t working at the best it could. Vitamin B assists in regulating metabolism. Vegetables are rich in vitamin B but he said that we don’t eat enough usually and supplements are helpful to insure that we are getting enough.

The next segment on the show was talking about unhealthy hidden agers in your house. These are items that we might use everyday and be exposed to without really being aware of it. Dr. Oz recommended taking your shoes off when you enter your house so that you are not tracking pesticides from the lawn into the house onto the carpets.

Dr. Roizen explained that if you use your microwave not to cook your foods in plastic, because the chemicals used to make it could get into your foods. He recommends cooking in glass bowls when using your microwave.

Dr. Oz said that instead of using household cleaners that contain a slew of chemicals, uses baking soda to clean your sink and tub. He said that you can use vinegar to clean the windows. He said that if there is a caution this could be hazardous if it comes in contact with your skin, eyes, etc., then you shouldn’t use it.

If you have your clothes dry cleaned to make sure to air them out in an open area. The use chemicals to clean your clothes and when you put them into your closet they remain and when you go to wear the clothes you are get the chemicals right next to your body.

Dr. Oz pointed out that the basement can be a location for unhealthy mold. He suggest using a dehumidifier to kill off any potentially harmful mold that might be growing. Also he said that if you have cans of paints that you are storing to store them in a well ventilated location that is not close to your living area.

Oprah and Dr. Oz showed a bunch of environmentally “green” cleaning products. The brand is called Get Clean. The H2 cleaner is concentrated and goes a long way.

The last suggestion that Dr. Oz said you could do for your home is to grow plants in your home as it has been shown to help clean the air.

The next segment on Oprah discussed calorie restriction diets for longevity. They showed Paul who is 6 feet tall weighs only 136 pounds and his wife, Meridith, who is 5 ft. 5 inches and weighs 111 pounds. They are following the calorie restriction diet to extend longevity. They eat only breakfast and lunch.

Calorie restriction could possible extend a person’s lifespan to 150 years explained Dr. Oz. He said that you probably don’t have to restrict your calories as much as Paul and Meredith do to extend your lifespan. SIRT is a protein that is activated to help you live longer because of the lack of food. Red wine has a compound called Reservatol which mimics the calorie restriction protein SIRT. Goji berries and mongosteen fruit are antioxidant rich foods. Purslane is rich in omega 3 fats and vitamin E. Oprah sampled the Purslane and seemed to really like the flavor.

Dr. Oz showed Oprah a green drink which is made of spinach, apple, parsley, ginger, cucumber, celery, and lemon and blend up for a healthy smoothie drink. Oprah tasted the drink and thought is was a glass of “fresh.” The apple and lemon help to sweeten up the flavor.

Dr. Oz had cod liver oil which has vitamin D. He squeezed lemon with the cod liver oil to make it more palatable. He drank it but Oprah just can’t drink the cod liver oil and then she drank the cod liver oil just before the commercial break and she made a face. There is flavored cod liver oil with mint or orange that helps hide the flavor a little bit.

They had selected audience members to do the program for eight weeks. Brenda, 48, was having heart palpitations before doing the program. She said that she was told that her palpitations were a ventricular tachycardia. Her thyroid levels were low and she was anemic. She was tired before that time. Most common endocrine problem is the thyroid said Dr. Oz and he added that it could be vitamin D related. The heart muscle was being affected by the thyroid problem. Brenda seemed to have improved he energy levels since the doing the program.

Lisa was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was in constant pain. She said that she went to the ‘You’ conference and after doing the program she has the energy and has been living pain free. Dr. Oz explained that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome wasn’t really acknowledged in medicine until now and there are things that can be done to change or remove the pain and tiredness that is associated with the disorder.

Maureen, 42, said that she had brain fog and couldn’t concentrate. She used to have to take naps. She has more energy now. She was anemic and had fixed this problem. Dr. Oz said you need to get checked for anemia.

Wendy was stressed out before she started the program. She has three kids and is a full time college student. She would express anger with her husband and children. She had the shortest telomeres that they have seen. She had celiac disease where she couldn’t eat wheat gluten. By addressing the gluten problem she will be able to repair her body.

June took 14 years off of her real age. She has lost 12 pounds and 5 inches, and she said that she feels better about herself and is has energy to keep up through the day.

Janine had low growth hormone levels were so low because she was smoking. When she started the program she was taking growth hormones and they went so high that the company that did the tests were wondering why she was taking growth hormones. It was probably because of her quitting smoking that changed the amount of growth hormones in her body.

Dr. Roizen said that you can “nudge your genes” to be a much healthier you. Both Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen have co-authored a number of books about health and medicine. Their latest book is called “You: Staying Younger.”

By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndicatio News Writer



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