Sony PlayStation 3 starts selling on Thursday

Sony PlayStation 3 starts selling on Thursday

Screenshot from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Playstation 3 game

This Thursday, US retailers will begin selling the much anticipated Sony PlayStation 3. The PSP3 will sell for $500 - $600 at retailers across the nation, and if shortages exist prices could skyrocket into the thousands on eBay.

USA today reported that shortages could create hefty profits for those that can get their hands on one to resell on either eBay or Craigslist.

Another big seller this holiday season is the Nintendo Wii which is scheduled to begin selling on Sunday. The price on the Ninetendo Wii is $250 and Popular Science has included Wii in their magazines top 10 innovations for 2006.

Pre-sales of the PSP3 has been banned as there have been grey market imports pre-selling the units before the scheduled release date.

There have been reports of software bugs with the PSP3, however Sony is scrambling to make patches to fix these glitches.

With two major new releases for game systems, it will be interesting which one will come out the winner.



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