Minimum Wage Will Hurt Poor People – President Bush Supports Increase In Minimum Wage Over Two Years With Democrat Compromises

Minimum Wage Will Hurt Poor People – President Bush Supports Increase In Minimum Wage Over Two Years With Democrat Compromises

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President Bush supports an increase in the minimum wage, which in my opinion will hurt the poor, the disadvantaged and those on a fixed income. The neo-con-liberal President Bush said that he supports “the proposed $2.10 increase in the minimum wage over a two-year period.”

So how does the minimum wage hurt those on the lowest end of the ladder? The minimum wage is one of many factors that help fuel inflation by raising the cost to do business. The costs are passed along to everyone, but the inflation affects poor people the most, including those on fixed incomes.

Apparently he believes it could “punish” small business so he is “pairing it with targeted tax and regulatory relief to help these small businesses stay competitive”. At a time when America has become less competitive than China and other Asian countries, the President has proposed making us even less competitive.

The President did not mention how many jobs his decision will cost, but there may be some games being played between him and the new Democrat Congress. He said “the American people do expect us to compromise on legislation that will benefit the country.”

This tit-for-tat compromising is one of the major problems with our legislative process. Not only do we get big spending socialist programs from the Democrats, but when compromises are made we also get the authoritarian legislation pushed by the Republicans.

Many Americans have complained that manufacturing jobs have moved overseas. They also fear the outsourcing of their jobs. The minimum wage and other regulatory burdens placed on American business are primarily responsible for both negative side-effects.

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By Tom Madison
Best Syndication Writer



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