The return of ABC’s ‘Lost’ TV Show Season 4

The return of ABC’s ‘Lost’ TV Show Season 4

'LOST' - ABC (see preview below)

[Best Syndication] Another season is about to begin of ABC’s ‘Lost’ TV show with a two night showing. On Wednesday they will have a refresher course of the TV show for those that have forgotten about the story plot line. They network is promising to give us some more clues to the mysteries of the island. Then on Thursday we get to watch what looks like a action packed two hour premiere of the show.

The premise for the start of the new season is that the stranded passengers of flight 815 will be found. But the question is if the rescuers are going to be harmful or helpful. In addition we have to be concerned about the leader Ben insuring that nobody is going to leave the island alive.

Somehow they return from the island and we will get clues to how they escape the island. Other websites are saying that we will get to see what happens to those that do get back to civilization.

Thanks to the writers strike season 4 has only had 8 shows written and taped. So we will probably see a lapse in the show and only get 2 months worth of the show. This is a tragedy that we will have to wait yet again for who knows how long before we get to see more of this TV show.

By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer

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Lost Season 3 Finale YouTube Video (refresher for this weeks new season 4 premiere

Lost - Season 4 Preview YouTube Video



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