New York Giants Beat New England Patriots in Forth Quarter – 4th QTR Play By Play For Super Bowl 42

New York Giants Beat New England Patriots in Forth Quarter – 4th QTR Play By Play For Super Bowl 42

Final Score

(Best Syndication) The forth quarter brings Hanson out for the punt into the New York endzone. The best play of the game so far was the next one. Manning throws the ball perfectly to Kevin Boss up the center of the field. Boss runs the ball up to the 35 yard line. That was a 35 yard play.

A handoff to Bradshaw is good for three yards. But then Manning slings it up the center to Steve Smith. This brings the Giants to the NE 12 yard line. A handoff brought the ball to the 5 yard line. Then Manning threw the ball into the endzone and it is caught by Boss.

New York Giants

After the extra point the Giants are ahead 10 to 7. Maroney takes the kick-off and brings it out to the 33 yard line. But there was a flag against the Patriots for 10 yards. Another penalty brings it back to the 11 yard line. Brady threw the ball to Randy Moss at the 28 yard line. That gave NE a first down.

From the shotgun Brady overthrew Moss. In the next play Brady threw the ball again under heavy pressure. The incomplete pass prompts another Hanson punt. McQuarters brings it up to the 29 yard line. It was a 29 yard punt.

Eli Manning tries to chew up the clock with a pass and hand-off. There is only 8 minutes left in the game. Manning throws the ball from the shotgun, but the ball is still a couple yards short, bringing out the punting team.

New England gets the ball on their own 20 yard line. Brady threw the ball to Wilker for 5 yards. Another pass up the center to Moss gave New England a first down. Brady continued to bring the ball up the field, and then Welker makes a big catch up the middle running to the Giants 42 yard line.

Then Brady hits Faulk at the left sideline. Now Brady is getting his rhythm. Welker makes his eleventh catch of the game with 5 minutes left in the forth quarter. Welker makes a first down, crossing the field to the 30 yard line. The next pass is incomplete. But then Moss catches the ball right at the 20 yard line for a first down.

Another over the middle pass to Faulk give New England a first down. This brings the ball within the 10 yard line. At first and goal Tom Brady throws to Moss but misses it in the endzone. Another throw to Welker brings the ball to within a couple yards of scoring.

At third and goal Brady throws the ball up the right side to Moss for a touchdown. There was only 2 minute and 42 seconds left in the game. This gave New England a 14-10 lead. Hixon returns the kick but only makes it to the 17 yard line.

Manning completes the next pass for a first down to Toomer. The Giants still had three timeouts left. There was plenty of time. The next two passes were incomplete. The next pass is to Toomer which is short by a few inches. New York goes for it on forth down.

The handoff to Jacobs gave New York a first down. This stopped the clock at 1:28 seconds. Manning ran the next play for 5 yards. New York then called for a timeout. The next pass was almost intercepted by Samual. That would have ended the game.

The next play was amazing! Manning is nearly tackled, but squirms loose and throws the ball to David Tyree who catches it “basketball style” at the New England 24 yard line. This is what New York needed. The Giants used another time-out.

Thomas sacked Manning in the next play. The Giants called their last time-out. A missed catch by Tyree leaves the Giants with 3rd and 11 yards. Steve Smith catches the next pass right at the marker. This stopped the clock and gave New York the first down.

But the game is not over. Manning tosses the ball to Plaxico Burress in the end zone. There was only 35 seconds in the game and the score was now: New York Giants 16 and New England Patriots 14. The extra point made it 17-14 Giants. There was no penalty.

That was the game winning catch. The Patriots got the ball back on their own 25 yard line. Brady threw a hail-Marry that is way off. Brady is sacked in the next play. The Patriots took their first time-out with 19 seconds left.

In the next play Brady rolled right and threw the ball way down field to Moss. It was just a little short and incomplete. This brought the clock down to 10 seconds. One more incomplete hail-Marry was missed and the Giants got the ball bck with 1 second on the clock. One more hike and it was all over.

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By Dan Wilson
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