Third Quarter Play By Play For Super Bowl 42 – New England Patriot Vs The New York Giants

Third Quarter Play By Play For Super Bowl 42 – New England Patriot Vs The New York Giants

Third Quarter into Forth

(Best Syndication) The Second Half began with the Patriots ahead by 4 points. There was not much scoring in the first half with New England ahead 7 to 3. Maroney received the second quarter kick-off at the Patriot 5 yard line. New York brought him down around the 20 yard line.

Brady takes the ball in the shotgun formation and throws it down the center to Wes Welker. This made it a first down at the 36 yard line. Then Maroney picks up 7 yards with a run up the center carrying several Giants along the way. After an incomplete pass, Faulk catches one up the center for a few yards.

New York Giants

On 2nd and 12 yards Welker catches one up the center again for several yards. Then Faulk catches one on the left but was held to just a couple yards. This forced a punt and McQuarter carries it to the New York 14 yard line.

But New England coach Bill Belichick threw the challenge flag. Belichick wanted to see if there were 12 Giants on the field in the last play. That is a 5 yard penalty and could allow the Patriots to keep the ball. After review it was determined that the Giants did indeed have 12 men on the field and New England kept the ball at the Giants 39 yard line.

So with 11 minutes left in the third quarter, the Patriots get a break. Play-action from Brady set up a screen for Maroney who made four yards on the next play. The Giants kept Welker from doing anything with a Brady pass. But then from the shotgun Brady throws the ball to Faulk for a first down. That was 14 yards on a 3rd down play.

Maroney goes nowhere in the next hand-off play. Another pass gets the Patriots a couple more yards. But then Strahan sacks Brady for a six yard loss. Now it is 4th and 14. The Patriots decide to go for it, but are shut down with a long pass to the endzone.

New York gets the ball back on their own 30 yard line. Manning hands it off for five yards, and then a throw to Toomer barely gives New York a first down. Bradshaw picks up a couple yards bringing the scrimmage to the 47 yard line.

From the Shotgun, Manning throws to Toomer at the New England 45 yard line. They call for a measurement and New York picks up the first down. With four minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Manning throws the ball into the end-zone for an incomplete.

At third down and six Manning throws another incomplete pass. This calls for a Punt by Jeff Feagles. Feagles did a great job and the ball goes out of bounds at the Patriot 10 yard line. This was the worst starting position for New England in the game. But then there was a foul on Watson brought the ball back to the five.

There was pressure on Brady as he threw the ball out of bounds from the shotgun. But Welker catches the next pass up the center for a first down. The ball was at the 21 yard line.

A handoff to Maroney picks up about seven yards. Maroney picks up a first down on the next hand off. With one minute left in the quarter, Wilker catches the ball and carries it to the Giants 49 yard line. Brady overthrew Welker in the next play.

Just when the Patriots started bringing the ball up the field they get called for a “false start” penalty. This brings them back to their own 45 yard line. Then Brady goes long for an incomplete. The Giants hold Stallworth on the third down pass play.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer



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