Shampoo Products Without SLS: 7 Tips You Must Know About

Shampoo Products Without SLS: 7 Tips You Must Know About

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If you have educated yourself about the dangers of Sodium Laurel Sulfate in shampoos and soaps, you might be wondering how to find products without this harmful additive. You might be surprised to find there are more additives to avoid as well.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate (or SLS) is found in most commercially available soaps and shampoos, but being a common ingredient doesn’t mean it’s harmless. It can cause skin irritation, eczema, itchiness, and even damage to the eyes. SLS have been known to damage hair follicles and causes scalp problems including dandruff.

But this substance is not easily eliminated from the body, and thus it’s stored in the lymphatics and the organs of the body, thereby potentially causing problems throughout the body too.

If you weren’t already thinking of avoiding products with SLS, it’s likely that after understanding the dangers of this additive, you might be now. But finding products without SLS takes a little research.

You need to read labels and perhaps venture out of the superstore and into a smaller, health conscious store to purchase your soaps and shampoos. And there are other additives to avoid as well.

Here are some tips for shopping for natural products without SLS.

Tip 1:

First, most natural shampoos and soaps will not contain SLS. Its primary purpose is to make lather, which aren’t necessary to getting clean. You can take out the SLS and still get your hair and skin suitably clean. But don’t just look for the word “natural” in the item – you must look at the ingredients.

Tip 2:

Read the label carefully and ensure that there’s no SLES either (this stands for Sodium Laureth Sulfate). SLES is a cousin to SLS and causes similar problems and damage.

Tip 3:

Also make sure that there’s no PEG in your shampoo or soap. PEG (polyethylene glycol) will have a number behind its name on the label. It’s also a potent skin irritant. PEG is one of the main ingredients in brake fluid. It’s not something you should want near your skin or hair.

Tip 4:

Most fragrance in personal care products is often made of chemical irritants, some of which are just as unhealthy as SLS, or may not be even tested. Best to avoid them and to use natural products which use natural oils as fragrances.

Tip 5:

Be sure there are no artificial colors, preservatives or other ingredients that are nothing more than chemicals. Try to keep your purchases free of these substances.

Tip 6:

Watch out for products that contain formaldehyde as this often causes skin and eye problems such as burning, itch, rash and nausea as well.

Tip 7:

Also avoid Tri-thanolamine (TEA) and di-thanolamine (DEA) as there’s concern that they may be related to cancers of the liver and bladder.

You probably try to make healthful decisions when buying groceries, but when you head to the drugstore, you should keep those healthful intentions in mind. There are items that lurk on the store shelves that should be avoided.

So thankfully, there are more products out now that are natural, and some even contain a high percentage of organic ingredients too. So next time you go shopping, consider the healthier alternatives when it comes to your soaps and shampoos.

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