Financial Powers by the Feds promises to Clean up the Economy - Courtesy of the Bush Administration and the Federal Reserve

Financial Powers by the Feds promises to Clean up the Economy - Courtesy of the Bush Administration and the Federal Reserve showed what is thought to be the Amero sample coin

[Best Syndication] The news media is touting the super duper reform that Bush will unveil on Monday to correct all kinds of markets including, banks, securities firms, mortgage brokers, and insurance companies. The legislation is to give more power to the Federal Reserve.

The new powers that President Bush want to give the Federal Reserve is power to act when market stability is threatened and this includes going through business records of companies as need be.

Other change Bush is proposing is to consolidate stock and commodity trading agencies. There would also be federal regulation for the insurance industry.

According the main newswire they have obtained the 22 page executive summary of the overhaul and the plan would give “major new powers to the Federal Reserve.” Remember that the Federal Reserve is a quasi-government and at the same time a private-operated agency.

One might surmise from this breaking news, that the Amero is coming soon to your wallet. Surprisingly the Amero has be under discussed in the news media which is to create a merger of currencies for Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Some extremist, but they might be right, that there has been a secret government agenda trying to make all three countries on big happy country with a North American Union. Remember the Euro and the European Union? The superhighway connecting the three countries is also on the road to being built as well. Please visit this blogger website to checkout what they say is a new Amero coin.

Another concern is the same Federal Reserve was supposedly created to prevent the economy from going into financial difficulties. It was originally created with a slight of hand back in 1913. According to “Money Masters” the bill was passed by a vote of only 3 senators after the rest had gone home for Christmas vacation. It seems to me that the Federal Reserve is doing a terrible job at it preventing the economy from souring. If you hire a company to do a job - then do it right or someone else is going to do it for you.

I scratch my head as Bloomberg reporters are vaguely explaining the Federal Reserve. It seems like they can’t really explain who owns or runs the Federal Reserve and why we need them so badly in the first place. One reporter almost led viewers to believe that the taxpayers are behind the Federal Reserve. I guess I would have to say that I am as confused about this all powerful Federal Reserve group of bankers. These are the same lenders that have caused some of the biggest blunders in the economy today and even possibly in the months to come as well.

I suspect we are going to find out more about the Federal Reserve in a move to get Americans to accept the new Amero money as the new currency.

By Marlene Donor
Best Syndication News Writer

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