Bring on Socialized Medicine - It Can’t be Worse

Bring on Socialized Medicine - It Can’t be Worse

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(Best Syndication) Nature has created our bodies with such complexity that even our modern knowledge of the workings of its chemistry amounts to pathetic ignorance.

Making it all the more complex and difficult to treat are drug company efforts to promote products with false claims of safety and effectiveness. An example is Merck Drug Company’s settlement of $671 million for bribing doctors, making false claims and overpricing (See links below).

It is the law. Every sick person must be treated by the hospital after they enter the door. If a company pays health insurance it does so by reducing salaries. Taxpayers pay for indigent patients. Payouts for patients are overhead to insurance companies so they are now trying to denying service. Every CEO is expected to achieve more profit for the company each year. . SO what service then is health insurance? None!

The offices of my last two doctors had furniture so threadbare the cotton was bursting out. On my last visit the doctor seemed so rushed while writing on my thick pile of papers, I felt intimidated to ask questions. I had felt the same with previous doctors. I thought it was my insurance. I’m a 75-year-old retired teacher. Then the other day my neighbor, a successful salesman, told me he complained to his doctor because he was treated the same way.

I told a retired doctor friend that I suspected insurance companies of siphoning an inordinate amount of money from the medical system. With animation he replied that it should be more than a suspicious, it is a “screaming fact”, the insurance and pharmaceutical companies are in charge of our medical system. Then he added he “was not sure the government would do a better job”. He told me to ask my doctors who is in charge.

I think we do need a database or sounding board to get a picture of what is going on no matter what kind of medical system we have. It should be easy to create a web site so that citizens can compare their treatment with that of the country at large. See what others are saying and join the discussion at our Forum

I showed a recently retired doctor friend just 2 articles of the many I have read. One article was from the American Heart Association and another from Yale University. They show that prescribing Coumadin for blood clots in veins is no better than aspirin.

They were published and on the Internet while he was still working. At first, they may seem academic but, they are of major importance to people my age because they contradict accepted medical dogma about blood clots, and in doing so illustrate how doctors depend on drug companies to keep them informed instead of reading unbiased articles based on major studies by Universities.

My doctor friend confided that he would much rather have simply prescribed aspirin because it required less monitoring for bleeding, but “it was not acceptable medical practice”. I asked him who establishes acceptable medical practice and why he had not even heard of the articles. He seemed annoyed, exclaiming that he had already told me who was in charge of the medical field.

He told me he had too much of his life invested in his job. He was not cut out to be a great crusader, nor martyr. Bad things are always going to happen. There is no perfect medicine. Not just insurance, drug companies and other doctors, but also the media and lawyers pile onto an adverse event.

In our country, there is an example of Socialized Medicine. The Veterans Administration supervises it. I used their services for a while because my doctor recommended them. They reinforced my 3rd opinion about my brain tumor. On their computers, all my records, including MRI images of the tumor, were immediately available indefinitely, for comparison.

Mine was a very rare dormant tumor but with the huge database it could easily be compared to others and monitored with a “click”. Blood tests were mandatory for everyone on each regular visit. If the nurse was not sure about the problem, there were other colleagues down the hall or even the doctor in charge of the specialty. It was nice to have instant illustrations and printouts.

Computers in the hands of doctors would not advance the profits of drug and insurance companies; therefore, they are not going to be used in our profit fueled medical system. The present knowledge monopoly held by drug companies would be jeopredized if doctors could check facts in seconds.

As I waited for an hour with my wife, whose doctor was late, I counted 6 drug company representatives. Each of course was smartly dressed with their doctor’s satchels presumably full of samples and literature designed to sell not heal. Instead of profit, I want medical decisions based my health. See what others are saying and join the discussion at our Forum

By Allen Wilson
Best Syndication Columnist

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