Broncos Cutler Says He Has Type-1 Diabetes – Explains Dry Mouth and Frequent Urination

Broncos Cutler Says He Has Type-1 Diabetes – Explains Dry Mouth and Frequent Urination

Cutler on Friday

(Best Syndication) Denver Broncos quarterback, Jay Cutler, revealed that he had diabetes at a press conference on Friday. Cutler learned of the diagnosis Thursday night according to Broncos spokesperson Kasey Byers. Steps have already been taken to combat the disease, and Cutler has already felt a difference since taking insulin, says Byers.

Cutler wanted to set the record straight Friday morning about his type-1 diabetes. "We weren't not trying to hide this, we were probably going to come out with this in the next few weeks before OTA's started up," Cutler said. "But obviously, some people wanted to get there before hand."

Type 1 diabetes, sometimes called Diabetes Mellitus, is an autoimmune disease that results in the permanent destruction of insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas. It is sometimes referred to as “childhood diabetes” because it is sometimes diagnosed in children.

Currently there is no cure for type1 diabetes, but there are treatments. "This is manageable, there is so much research behind it right now," Cutler said. "We got great doctors, Greek (head athletic trainer Steve Antonopulos) is doing a great job here, I got a lot of people watching me.”

This is unlikely to affect Cutler’s performance. “Its not going to affect me on the field, I am going to make a few changes off the field eating wise and stuff like that, its going to be fine,” Cutler said.

This could prompt some charitable work for Cutler. "We are teaming up with them and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be able to get involved a little more. This is a something I will deal with for the rest of my life and Type 1 is involved with a lot of children, so I want to help out as much as possible."

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By Dave Reddy
Best Syndication Sports Writer

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