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Small private jets for sale under $100.000,00.

Small private jets for sale under $100.000,00.

Gulfstream G200

Small private jets for sale under $100.000,00? - Small private jets - Where there used to be a time that small private jets or business aircraft would set you back more than several million dollars at least, times are changing in the private jet industry too, so it seems.

Because, we have found small private jets to be for sale for less than $100,000.00. Yes that is right and not a printing mistake. Small private jets for sale for less than $100k! Can you imagine this?

Let us have a look at the regular pricing for the small private jets first.

Because, small private jets selling below $100.00,00 may not seem ´a bargain´to you, it will be to people who know the prices of such luxury planes.

Comparing the ´less than $100k offer for small private jets to the average prices for just one particular small private jet, the Gulfstream G200 we are being told that the prices range from $23 million with average equipment for a new model, with used private jet models selling down towards $14 million.

Some more research tells us that there are private jets with a price tag that ranges from $6 million to $50 million for a new aircraft.

Then, the question arises, how can this be? How can small private jets be on sale for less than $100,000?

While the small private jets on sale for less than $100,000.00 may not be very interesting to private jet buyers it may indeed be very interesting to those who sell, charter and lease out such planes. So, if you are active in the private jet sales industry, you may have to have a look at what we have found for you.

Once an entity who does business in the private jet sales industry invests less than $100,000.00 for the small private jets we have found to be on sale, they would have a good and fair chance to be able to cash in big time once they own the small private jets property we are discussing here.

Actually, the small private jets on sale for less than $100k are much in demand for people looking to buy private jets as official statistics show us.

As a matter of fact, those official statistics show us that around 1700 people from all over the world have been looking for small private jets in the last few months. Most of them where searching to buy a private jet, or to buy small private jets.

If you happen to be active in the private jet sales industry, how many prospects, or real clients rather, do you think you could have made out of the above figure? And, even if you sell just one plane from the Small Private jets, which cost you no more than $100.000,00 would you have made a profit?

For more information on Small Private Jets for sale under $100k, we advise you to have a look at the http://www.smallprivatejets.com web site. Because, it is for sale, for a lot less than $100.000,00!

Any inquiries can be made to sales@theprivatejetcompany.com

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http://www.smallprivatejets.com Small private jets;

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