Madonna Using Kabbalah To Brainwash Alex Rodriguez According To Friend Of Cynthia – Love Letter Calls Her SoulMate

Madonna Using Kabbalah To Brainwash Alex Rodriguez According To Friend Of Cynthia – Love Letter Calls Her SoulMate


(Best Syndication News) Although Madonna is denying the rumors, the tabloids are reporting that the aging pop-star is divorcing Guy Ritchie and is seeking the affection of Alex Rodriguez, the power-hitting third baseman for the New York Yankees. On July 7th ESPN reported Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce from A-Rod citing "emotional abandonment" and marital infidelity by her husband.

The “Material Girl” says the rumors are not true. “My husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce,” the singer said in a statement released to Access Hollywood. The 49 year old Madonna says she is not having an affair with the 32 year-old third baseman, but the tabloids have not given up.

Cynthia Rodriguez is not buying it according to a report in the New York Daily News. She told a friend “I feel like Madonna is using mind control over him… I don't recognize the man he's become. He was a sweet, beautiful, loving husband and father."

Cynthia found a love letter. A source told the News that she found a letter from A-Rod that read: “You are my true soul mate.” Apparently he was writing this letter to Madonna, according to the source.

A former trainer told the New York Post that Alex will only listen to Madonna’s music while he drives and falls “into a trance” when one her videos comes on at the gym. "Alex, God bless him, is lost," says Dodd Romero. "I think he got pulled in by the dark side, if you can say that nicely. He's totally brainwashed."

The friend suggests that Madonna is “brainwashing” Alex with Kabbalah. Pop icon Madonna is using kabbalah to brainwash Yankee star Alex Rodriguez into believing they are "soulmates," the ballplayer's estranged wife is telling friends.

"I believe he was having an affair with Madonna," Cynthia told her friend. The friend wanted to remain anonymous because he feared it would anger A-Rod.

By Julie Marcus
Best Syndication News Entertainment Writer

Madonna uses megaphone to deny rumours



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