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Animal repeller is a safety product used against animal which can harm us such as dogs and bears. Animal repeller is generally used against dogs. We heard about a lot of cases in which a person gets inured by a dog. To get rid of such type of conditions we need animal repellers. Animal repellers are generally used by the mailmen because of the nature of their job. They have to visit a number of houses where a lot of dogs guards the house and they can bite them. A common man also uses Animal repellers during morning walk or at the time he goes to market. One of the most popular dog repeller is Mace muzzle pepper spray.

It effects the breathing tissues of dog and makes it blind for a short duration. This gives us the time to get away. Another type of repeller used for dogs is Ultrasonic dog chaser. It is an electronic device which emits a sound of 135 decibels which is not tolerable for dogs but is inaudible for human ears. The device is targeted at the dog and a button is pressed . It produces a very high pitch sound which thrills the dog providing you that extra bit of time to run away from that spot.

The animals repellers are also used against bears because they are very big sized animals and can injured a person so seriously that can lead to their death. The most common type of bear repellent is bear repellent pepper spray. It is advised to use this spray from fifteen to twenty feet away from bear. It is also suggested to use this spray directly at the face of bear. The another type of animal repeller is cat repeller gun which gives protection against cats. Sonic cat repeller is one such repeller. It obstructs the cat with in a range of twelve meters from its installation site without causing any permanent harm to the cat. It is very easy to install. When a cat comes in its prohibited range. It produces a ultrasonic sound . this sound is unbearable for cat and that is why it gets scared. The intensity of sound is adjustable.

Water spraying animal repeller can be used for any animal. It sprays burst of water if any animal approaches towards it. It can work in a range of thirty five meters. You can install it in your garden. All you need is to connect it with some water source. It is suggested to change the position of the repeller frequently So that animals will not be able to adjust with it.

The self defence products which are used against animals like dogs, cat, deer, snakes,rodents etc. are animal repellers. It provides complete safety against these animals.



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