Google Chrome Browser – Comparison To Firefox Opera And Internet Explorer IE – Opensource and Free

Google Chrome Browser – Comparison To Firefox Opera And Internet Explorer IE – Opensource and Free

Chrome - See Videos Below

(Best Syndication News) Google launched their new browser called Chrome today (see videos below). Like other products from Google, Chrome is free and is touted as an improvement over other products which are already available. The code will become open source and made available for free to developers. Like other open source projects, including Linux, Chrome could be a huge blow to Microsoft.

Although Google stole the best ideas from other browsers, including Firefox and Internet Explorer, Chrome was developed from scratch. The goal of the Google Engineers was to make the browser the central application. One good thing about Chrome, compared to Firefox, Opera and IE is that it will not crash if one of its windows (tabs) crashes.

Google Chrome Browser Speed and Security

Google said in a statement that they cut out some of the frills to improve performance. “We designed a browser window that is streamlined and simple... Like the classic Google homepage, Google Chrome is clean and fast. It gets out of your way and gets you where you want to go.” Download Google Chrome here.

Since the browser was built from scratch, they were able to make improvements on security. “We also built a more powerful JavaScript engine, V8, to power the next generation of web applications that aren't even possible in today's browsers,” the statement added.

Open Source and Free

So far Chrome is only available for Windows, but the engineers assure us that they will roll out a Mac and Linux version as soon as possible. Google expressed their appreciation for the “open source” project. “We've used components from Apple's WebKit and Mozilla's Firefox, among others; and in that spirit, we are making all of our code open source as well”.

Chrome Could Make MS Office Obsolete

The Internet and innovations by Google may make many offline applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and Access obsolete. Google Docs allows users to create documents and spreadsheets online. You can also publish your documents online for others to see and collaborate on. Of course, this is all free.

If you have already been using other applications from Microsoft or other companies, you can upload them and Google Docs can convert the files to their format. You can do all of that from their new free browser Chrome.

Chrome Complaints and Comparison

So far my only complaint was that I could not load a webpage from my computer. My personal homepage is located on my computer, and using Firefox, Opera and other browsers I was able to go to the file drop-down menu and choose “open”. Chrome does not have a File menu. Luckily Google’s product found a history from my other browsers and I was able to load it that way.

Compared to the other browsers:

  1. Opera – it is hard to beat the speed of Opera, but Opera is prone to crashing.
  2. Firefox – Although not as fast as Opera, Firefox does have some great built in functions and add-on options. It is also more stable.
  3. Internet Explorer – Although they control the majority of the market share, IE is one of the worst browsers.
  4. Chrome – Better than Internet Explorer. Give me some more time to play with it to compare to Firefox and Opera. Hopefully it is more secure.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer

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