New Phelan Recycling Center Open On Buckwheat Near Dump Transfer Station – Address And Phone Number

New Phelan Recycling Center Open On Buckwheat Near Dump Transfer Station – Address And Phone Number

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(Best Syndication News) Phelan CA - The Phelan Recycling Center is now open near the Phelan Dump and Transfer Station (see Map Below). Last June we reported that Blaine Barton was proposing a center at 9882 Buckwheat Road in Pinon Hills California.

The new recycle center is good news for local residents, especially if you already go to the dump to get rid of your trash. Most Pinon Hills and Phelan residents received dump cards from San Bernardino County that allow us to take our trash to the transfer station on Buckwheat Road.

What Does The Recycling Center Take?

The new center takes California Redemption Value (CRV) glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans, but they also take scrap metal including wire, radiators, copper, iron, steel, aluminum, brass, bi-metal, lead, and tin. In addition they take the more valuable metals including gold and stainless steel.

Phelan Recycling will pay you for plastic and PVC. If you have old newspapers, you can get some money for those as well. Phelan recycling will take your cardboard too. If you have an old car battery that you want to dispose of, they will pay you for that as well.

How Much Do They Pay For Cans And Bottles

The location makes recycling convenient. Phelan Recycling pays more for aluminum cans. Earthwize only pays $1.57 per pound and Phelan Recycling pays $1.65 per pound. In this tight economy, every penny counts.

Although Earth Wize recycling near Stater Bros. pays the same for plastic bottles as Phelan Recycling, you don’t have to stand in line at the grocery store to get paid. You are paid cash right after the weight is determined.

If you bring Blaine Barton your clear plastic (CRV - #1 PETE) bottles he will pay you 92 cents per pound. Unlike Earth Wize, he takes milk plastic bottles too. Those milk bottles and the unclear large one gallon water bottles (#2 HDPE) are worth 54 center per pound.

Convenient Location

The biggest advantage is convenience. Barton also takes more types of recyclables. Here is the address and phone number:

Phelan Recycling
9882 Buckwheat Rd
Pinon Hills CA 92372

Mailing Address
PO Box 292466
Phelan CA 92329

(760) 927-6389

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer

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