How To Exterminate Scorpions and Centipedes In High Desert

How To Exterminate Scorpions and Centipedes In High Desert

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(Best Syndication News) Pinon Hills CA - September is the month that rattlesnakes are born and tiny scorpions enter the homes in the high desert. Although full grown scorpions are too big to squeeze through the cracks in the door or other places where spiders go through, the baby scorpions can and do enter our dwellings.

How to exterminate Scorpions and Centipedes

There are a couple things you can do to protect yourself from these tiny creatures. Most of the baby scorpions only measure about an inch long and less than a millimeter wide. The centipedes may make their way through the toilet or sink. Most of the time they can be found where it is moist.

You can hire an exterminator to spray your house. They can be set-up on a contract basis to spray every month or quarter, or whenever you call them. If you have these pests you probably don’t live in the city, so you may end up paying more for their travel time.

The other option is to spray the house yourself. It is quick and easy. Here is how you do it with step by step instructions:

1) Purchase an odorless non-staining poison from Lowes, Home Depot or other hardware / home improvement store. They usually come in a clear bottle and say odorless non-staining on the label. Expect to pay about $10 for enough poison to do a 3,000 square foot house.

2) Personally, I like to use a garden sprayer (see image below). They have a hand pump to inject air into the canister and a hose with a nozzle for spraying. They are very inexpensive. You just pump it up and go.

3) Move your furniture away from the walls. You don’t have to move every piece of furniture, but move what you can.

4) Fill your sprayer and walk around your house and spray on the floor right next to the wall. It doesn’t take much poison and just keep the sprayer moving. If you stop, then stop spraying.

5) After you finish the inside, walk along the outside of your home and spray the ground right next to the exterior walls. I usually go a little slower over the door thresholds.

6) Go shopping (or go see a movie or whatever) for 5 hours. This will allow the poison to dry. When we get home we usually open the windows to let the house air out.

We usually mop our floors and vacuum before we spray. It doesn’t make sense to mop up the poison. We usually poison twice a year; once in the summer and once in September.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer

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