Dr Oz Discusses Erectile Dysfunction Hair Transplants And Women’s Bladders On Oprah Winfrey Show

Dr Oz Discusses Erectile Dysfunction Hair Transplants And Women’s Bladders On Oprah Winfrey Show

Dr Oz on Oprah Show

(Best Syndication News) Tuesday’s Oprah Winfrey show was unusual because half of the audience was men rather than almost entirely women. Dr. Oz was on hand to answer some of the burning questions concerning the difference between men and women.

Do Women Have Smaller Bladders?

Carrie, an audience member, asked the first question. "As women, we all are waiting in line to go to the bathroom. And so we're dying to know: Do women have smaller bladders?" Oz answered yes. Since women have a uterus, there is less room for a bladder.

Do Hair Transplants Appear Real?

Dr. Oz has always recommended against hair transplantation. He said they didn’t look natural and reminded him of rows of corn. That all changed when he was shown a procedure called follicular unit transplantation performed by his colleague Columbia University colleague Dr. Bob Bernstein.

Not all patients are eligible for hair transplants, according to Bernstein. If the patient is eligible, Bernstein first uses a local anesthetic to numb the scalp. Then the doctor will cut out part of the patients scalp above the back of the neck. That incision is sewn shut and will later be covered by hair.

Bernstein’s team then takes the dissected scalp and slices it up into thousands of skin grafts. Each tiny graft, called a follicular unit, contains one to three hairs. They then make thousands of microincisions with a fine needle in the bald scalp and implant the follicular units.

The procedure can take up to 8 hours. After about three months the patient will grow new hair. For those who are losing their hair, Bernstein says that medication help prevent hair loss.

Sex and Foreplay

According to Neuropsychologist Dr. Louann Brizendine, it takes five minutes on average for men to orgasm while it can take up to 13 minutes for women. She says foreplay is important.

With men foreplay begins about three minutes before sex, “Whereas for females, it's everything that happens the 24 hours before sex,” Dr. Brizendine added. If a woman gets “upset or angry about something, then she's not in the mood by the time sex is going to happen.”

All men have to do is think about sex and blood rushes to their penis. For women there are various conditions that have to be met. "Temperature and comfort are very important to achieving orgasm. Researchers in the lab found that if they didn't keep the woman's feet warm, they had difficulty reaching climax. So cozy socks may not be sexy, but they get the job done."

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Size of the Male Organ and Erectile Dysfunction

An audience member asked if male enhancement products really work. Dr. Oz said that they might not but men usually feel that they are smaller than they really are. The average size on the male organ is 5 inches, according to Oz.

Dennis asked if erectile dysfunction comes with age. About 25 percent of “really old men” never get erectile dysfunction, Oz answered. There are various causes including smoking. Dennis smoked for over 30 years.

Oz calls the male organ the “dipstick for health”. There are two huge arteries running the length of the organ. If there are problems with erection, it could be because of blocked arteries. If there are blocked arteries in the dipstick, there could be blocked arteries elsewhere in the body.

“If you are having problems with erectile dysfunction, and it is about blocking the arteries, that would mean that your arteries are being blocking in other places in your body,” Oprah said. “Is that what you are saying?”

“Yes, that is the main reason,” Oz answered. He said that you should be worried about heart attack and stroke if you have erectile dysfunction. We need to talk about erectile dysfunction like it was a medical problem rather than a cosmetic issue.

Body fat can also be a problem, according to Oz. “If your waist size is more than half your height, that fat is alive… and converts testosterone, which is made by your testicles, into estrogen. Basically, the fat turns you into a woman.” You won’t be able to have normal erections if you don’t have testosterone in your body.

Oz recommends that men get more exercise that involves sweating. Eat more Omega-3 fats and less saturated, and lose the belly fat. He recommends treating the underlying problem rather than take drugs like Viagra and Cialis for erectile dysfunction.

By Julie Marcus
Best Syndication News Writer



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