Dr. Oz and The Blue Zones Author discuss on ‘Oprah’ how to live longer - Secrets of longevity around the World

Dr. Oz and The Blue Zones Author discuss on ‘Oprah’ how to live longer - Secrets of longevity around the World

[Best Syndication News] On the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ today we had a truly interesting discussion about Blue Zones, which are locations where it is normal to be over 100 years old and still be functioning and active and healthy. Dr. Oz worked with the author and freelance writer, Dan Buettner, who originated the term ‘The Blue Zones’ to help show us what we could do to increase and improve our longevity and maybe live to be 100 or more years old and do it in style.

Oprah opens the show asking who wants to live to be 100 years old. Almost everyone raised their hands. Some of the people didn’t want to because they have seen family members that didn’t age gracefully. Oprah said that it might be possible to be 105 years old and be able to do what you love to do. There are four Blue Zones that have been found that many people are living to be over 100 years old and not being impaired by their age.

Dr. Oz is going to the 4 hotspots where people live the longest. A blue zone is where people live to be 100 years old without health problems.

Oprah introduces, Dan Buettner who coined the term, blue zones. He is a freelance writer with National Geographic to learn were people living the longest and why. Buettner has published a book called, The Blue Zones.

Blue Zone No. 1: Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica is located deep in the rainforest. Dr. Oz traveled to the first blue zone and showed how he traveled to this location. There are hundreds of centurions. Dan showed Dr. Oz showed how the people lived their lives. They hiked a long ways off the road, and were being rained on to get to the where all these centurions lived. They interviewed a man that is almost 108 years old. Dan said that the water is important because it has hard water, and because of the calcium and magnesium builds strong bones. There are no nursing homes, they live with there family. There is no electricity. They showed an elderly lady cooking tortillas. They go in their backyard to eat fruit right off of the tree.

Back on stage they showed how they grind up corn which is soaked in ash and lye and ground by stones by hand. Dan points out that we don’t exercise and they are working out just by preparing their food and grinding the corn down.

Dan recommended that we could eat eggs, kale, broccoli and you can take calcium and vitamin D supplements to help build strong bones. One of the problems of shortened lifespan is bones breaking.

Dan introduces another man called Jose. They showed him harvesting fresh fruit. He is 99 years old. He is cutting down weeds and Dr. Oz said that it is not something that he sees for a typical 99 year old. Dr. Oz points out the muscles of Jose. Dr. Oz said that he has the heart and lungs of someone that was 45 years old.

Dan said that these people don’t think about working out. They eat a big breakfast and then have smaller meals as the day goes on.

Dr. Oz said that daily physical activity is extremely important for longevity. If you can’t walk a ¼ mile in 5 minutes the chance that you’ll be dead in 3 years is 3 times higher. Dr. Oz suggests doing squats to build up your quadriceps muscles to help you walk better. Dr. Oz also said to improve your posture and tighten your abs.

Oprah said that calcium and magnesium were factors for the Costa Rican longevity. She said that you can eat cheese, yogurt, and broccoli which have calcium. Oprah continued to explain that you should eat a light dinner, be physically active, and maintain social network. In addition to this she said that you should get 15 minutes of sun each day which provide vitamin D. Oprah closed by saying that you need to have a sense of purpose or a reason to get up in the morning.

Blue Zone No 2: Sardina, Italy

Sardina, Italy is an island off the coast of Italy. They visit with a man that is 105 years old. The man offers Dan a glass of wine before 10 a.m. Giovanni worked most of his life as a Sheppard. The work is not stressful or strenuous, but the low impact workout is good for his heart. He eats bread, cheese and wine. The cheese he eats has high omega 3 fatty acids. They drink goats milk which is better nutritionally than cows milk. The red wine has antioxidants. Dan said that it is a plant based diets. Animal products that a grass feed helps improve the healthy fats. Dr. Oz said that you can eat sardines. Dan said that drinking wine a little bit every day and is usually a social ritual. Goat milk is easier for your stomach to digest.

The list of secrets for longevity in the Sardinia, Italy Blue Zone are:

1. Drinking red wine but not to over indulge.
2. Eat foods that are high in Omega 3 Fatty acids.
3. Drink goat milk and eat goat cheese.

Blue Zone No 3: Loma Linda, California

Loma Linda is located 60 miles east of Los Angeles. There is a large group of 7th Day Adventist. They believe in no Drinking, no smoking, no eating meat, or processed foods. The 7th Day Adventist is a Christian church.

Dr. Oz visited with a 94 year old doctor that is working in the operating room. He grows his own food. He said that he doesn’t worry, he doesn’t have insomnia. He said if you are old, you should stay away from old people, because he will be more invigorated from hanging around young people. He is said that he feels good and he doesn’t take any medication. The doctor has done 12,000 operations.

The doctor said that we should accept people as who they are and not try to change them. His wife was with him in the audience.

103 year old Marge was up next for Dr. Oz to visit at Loma Linda. She rides an exercise bike for 7 – 8 miles. She lifts weights. She is now 104 years old. She volunteers a lot for 7 organizations.

Dan said that they stop everything from Friday night to Saturday night to pause and they do nature walks to observe the Sabbath. Dr. Oz said that if you can find things to be grateful and he said that they have made sense of their life.

Loma Linda 7th Day Adventist eating habits:

They showed a local grocery store in Loma Linda. They sold the food in big bins. You scoop them up and buy them as you need them. The food is all vegan. No meat. Oprah tasted the Tofu. Dr. Oz tasted a tofu meatball. Oprah said it was ok, but she isn’t doing the hula.

Loma Linda’s Secrets to Longevity:

1. Take a break from the rigors of like every week.
2. Spending time with like minded people.
3. Exercise regularly
4. Cut back on meat and eat more nuts.
5. Eat more plants.
6. Give back helps to fight off depression.

Zone 4 Okinawa, Japan

The healthiest and longest lived people are found in Okinawa, Japan. They live on average 7 years longer than Americans. The biggest secret that Japanese have is that they start with finding a purpose, called Ikigai, which means that which makes ones life worth living. Dan has a tough time keeping up with an elderly Japanese man. They garden, and they also have a social support system. They eat tofu, vegetable and fish in their diet. They also practice not eating too much. They say something before they eat to remind themselves to stop eating when they are 80 percent full.

Dr. Oz said that we have a chemical called gremlin that tells us when we are full. It takes 20 minutes to get that full feeling. He suggests waiting a half an hour before you eating dessert to decide if you are truly hungry.

The Blue Zones is Dan Buettner’s book discussing what he learned about longevity.

By: Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer

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