Food Matters Book Author Shares how to Eat Responsibly and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Food Matters Book Author Shares how to Eat Responsibly and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Food Matters - Mark Bittman

[Best Syndication News] If you are concerned about the environment, want to be healthy, and want to lose weight you might want to check out this book, Food Matters, written by Mark Bittman. The author was recently on NBC’s Today show to share how he eats responsibly and loses weight at the same time.

When being interviewed by Matt Lauer he was asked if this was a diet book. Bittman said that it is more of a philosophy and a way of life. The side effects of following his Food Matters book is that you can easily lose weight. Bittman offered information about the plan on the show.

He eats vegetarian until his evening meal. Then he eats meat at dinner time if he wants to. Bittman points out that meal is a costly not only to our pocketbooks, but also to the environment. He said that eating vegetables are cheap, and easier to grow.

In his book he discusses how eating meat contributes to the ozone layer. He discusses what organic, local, and sustainable means. By eating more vegetables and less meat he said that you can save money and loss weight all at the same help the environment.

Bittman said that he lost 35 pounds by not eating meat and not eating processed foods for 2 out of his 3 daily meals. He also said that his blood test improved after changing his eating habits.

In his book, Bittman gives a months worth of meal plans to help you get started on your way to eating healthy and being responsible and mindful of the environment.

By: Nicole Wilson



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