How does the Eye-Fi SD Card work with Wi-Fi Technology

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[Best Syndication News] For those that want life easy and simple, the ultimate transfer for your photos to the PC using a Eye-Fi SD card. This SD card uses Wi-Fi technology to make it super easy to transfer photos from your digital camera to your PC or the Internet.

You can set up the Eye-Fi Card to upload your images online to Shutterfly, Facebook, Flickr, and Typepad. You can also customize were you would like to upload your images, for instance your own website.

What you need to have is Wi-Fi capabilites with your computer. Once you set up your system as home base for the Eye-Fi card every time you return to the Wi-Fi network and turn the digital camera on, it will automatically upload your images as you have told the Eye-Fi Manager software how to handle your photos.

Chances are you’ll want to have your camera within 20 feet of the wi-fi network transmitter. That way you will not have an interrupted connection when you transfer your photos. The specifications say that you should be within 45 feet.

The Eye-Fi SD card would be a terrific addition if you travel and bring your laptop with you. You won’t have to be busy with transferring your photos after a busy day of sightseeing.

It also could be helpful to those technically challenged that want to be able to share their photos with family and friends. You can set it up for them, and then when they take photos all they have to do is turn on the camera and the transfer will begin.

The cost of the Eye-Fi SD card is around $70 for the 2GB version at the time of this writing. While it cost more for the Wi-Fi transmitter the card offers a convenience that is well worth the extra money spent.

By: Dusty Rhodes

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