Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen discuss Pain Prevention and You: Being Beautiful Book on GMA

Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen discuss Pain Prevention and You: Being Beautiful Book on GMA

You: Being Beautiful - Oz & Roizen

[Best Syndication News] Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz are doctors that have co-authored several bestselling books. Their newest book, 'You: Being Beautiful' they discuss how to be beautiful from the way you look, to how you feel in being beautiful. They discuss how health plays a role in your beauty and they recently visited on ABC’s Good Morning America to share some ways to improve your beauty. On the show they discussed how pain can affect your beauty.

Dr. Oz said that pain strips away your beauty. If you have pain, the chances are you are not going to exercise which in turn affects your longevity.

Roizen said that there are different serotonin levels when you have pain. They did an ice in the bucket test Sawyer and Oz, and Roizen said that women don’t last as long.

Oz said that 90 percent of people will experience back pain during their life time. He showed how the back pain happens. Roizen said the way to prevent it is to improve your core muscles.

Dr. Oz said that you need to do plank test and time how long you can do it. (see video below on how to do the plank.) He explained that if you can go over 45 seconds your doing fine, if you are between 15- 45 seconds there is room for improvement, and if you are less than 15 seconds you have a weak core muscle.

Oz said the Roizen is a world class pain specialist. Sawyer said that you stomach muscles are for preventing back pain. Roizen said that pilates can be used for therapy for preventing back pain. Roizen said to look at your shoes if they are worn on the inside or outside of the heel you need to go to a specialist to get them in alignment so the wear is even across the bottom.

Oz showed how to use pressure points on the face to break the pressure of pain. He said pain begets pain. While Oz said Motrin works well for pain he prefers alternative treatments. He said that he liked tiger balm because it brings heat to an area. Oz also recommended ArniCare for pain. He also said that Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements are helpful because it plumps up the joint padding and reduces inflammation. Oz reminded us that these are not going to be cure alls for everybody.

By: Nicole Wilson
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