Dr. Oz and 'Eat This not That' book author helps Obese Teens on Healthy Eating Habits on the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show'

Dr. Oz and 'Eat This not That' book author helps Obese Teen Intervention Kids on the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’

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[Best Syndication News] Dr. Oz was on set with yesterday’s group of obese teens on the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ to discuss how they can change their eating and exercise habits to lose weight and get healthier. On part one of the teen interventions they underwent therapy to figure out what emotional problems might be causing them to overeat.

Oprah said that yesterday’s show was recorded weeks earlier, but the kids have had a time in between to go home and recover from their therapy season. Oprah asked the teens how things have changed at home. One teen girl said she talks more about what happens at school during the day.

Health Risks with Obese Teens

Dr. Oz had the teens take a blood test to find out how their health was doing. Dr. Oz said that of the 80 percent of the kids that are heavy today will grow up to be heavy adults. He said that the kids’ blood tests showed that their body was suffering from inflammation.

Dr. Oz was surprised to find out that these kids had hormonal differences. The obese girls had less estrogen and more testosterone and the boys had less testosterone and more estrogen. He warned that this can cause problems with fertility. Dr. Oz said that the fat comes alive and manipulates the hormones. In the girls the fat was using up the available estrogen which causes insulin resistance. There were two of the teen girls that were insulin resistant diabetics, and the one boy Josh was pre-diabetic. Dr. Oz said that the high sugar level scraps the walls of the arteries causing scarring which promotes hardening of the arteries.

Katelyn is only 11 years old along with 3 of other of the teens who have fatty liver syndrome. Dr. Oz said that if there is too much food coming in the body will store fat in the liver which can cause hepatitis, and inflammation of the liver. He said that sugar and refined carbohydrate will make the fatty liver syndrome worse.

Dr. Oz said that he is doing heart bypass surgery on 25 year olds which shouldn’t be happening because he should be doing this on old people.

Dr. Oz said that the belly fat squeezes the kidney which raises your blood pressure. It promotes metabolic syndrome. Dr. Oz said that even losing a few pounds the body will start to reverse some of the damaging problems of being overweight. Oprah said just as little as 10 pounds can be beneficial.

Dr. Oz said that a 16 in neck circumference for women and 17 in neck circumference for men could have sleep apnea problems as an adult because the extra weight on the neck can cause the airway passage to become blocked when a heavy person sleeps at night.

Oprah said that childhood obesity has tripled in the past 40 years becoming the number one health concern in the United States.

Oprah gave the teens cameras to document what they are eating while they are at home. It’s tough to see their videos because you know that you too would rather eat what they are instead of vegetables. Dr. Oz said that there were a lot of calories but not a lot of nutrients and if you don’t feed your body right you mind will keep telling you that you are hungry until it gets the nutrients it needs. He also saw a big misconception about how much they thought they were eating.

Healthy Eating Habit – Read Nutrition Labels and Portion Control

Dr. Oz showed us how to read the nutrition label on a box of food. He used macaroni and cheese as an example. Step number 1 – notice the servings per box. You want to look for less of the fats at 5% or less and you want more of the vitamins and minerals. If you got more than 20 percent in one serving this might not be good, for instance sodium levels. At the bottom of the label it breaks down how much nutrition that you need each day.

Dr. Oz had one of the teens work on reading the nutrition label. And then he showed how to measure out a serving. And when the teen would eat 3 bowls of what he eats and he would eat 720 calories and 72 grams of sugar. Dr. Oz said that sugar is empty calories. Dr. Oz said that instead of Reese Pieces Cereal you can eat Cheerios instead. Dr. Oz reminds us that if we buy the healthy products and not the junk, that the manufacturers will stop making the junk food by the demand of the people.

Healthy Eating Habit – Always Eat Breakfast

Rule number one – never skip breakfast. Dr. Oz said that your children will 30 percent less likely to be overweight or obese if they eat breakfast.

One of the teens lied to the home camera about what she ate. She admits to feeling bad about lying.

Which is the Healthier Food Quiz

‘Eat this Not That for Kids’, book author, David Zinczenko was on Oprah’s show today to test the kids knowledge on calories in food. He tested the audience as well as us adult viewers as well and learned a couple of things today.

1. A. eggs and bacon
B. French toast sticks.

The answer is eggs and bacon. The eggs and bacon have 250 calories versus the French toast sticks having 450 calories. Zinczenko said that eggs are the magic bullet to weight loss and said that studies showed that you burn 65% more calories throughout the day. He said that you don’t want to have more than one or two eggs though.

2. A. Regular Bacon
B. Turkey Bacon?

The answer is A! It’s the regular bacon. Zinczenke said that they are both 70 calories and 6 grams of fat, but the turkey bacon has more sodium. In a day you should only have 2300 mg of sodium in a day.

3. A. Multi-Grain bagel with low fat cream cheese
B. Glazed Donut.

The answer is B. the Glazed Donut because it has 180 calories where the bagel has 500 calories. He said we get seduced by these buzzwords that cause use to eat too much. He said that eggs and bacon is still more nutritious that a glazed donut.

4. A. French Fries
B. Tator Tots

The answer is B. Tator Tots. The reason they are healthier is that they are baked in the oven instead of being deep fat fried.

5. A. Arby’s Turkey & Swiss Sandwich or
B. Arby’s Roast Beef Melt.

Answer is B. The roast beef melt wins with only 303 calories verses 708 calories! The problem here is that they food is not made at home and it can pack in extra calories.

6. A. Pizza Hut’s Thin and Crispy Ham & Pineapple pizza
B. Pizza Hut Thin & Crispy Cheese Pizza?

Answer is A. The reason is the pineapple and the ham are displacing cheese with healthy options. You got protein fiber and fruit which is better for you.

Eating Healthy at School Lunch

What to eat at the school cafeteria is a problem for kids Dr. Oz said. The kids hot lunch menu consisted of corn dogs, pizza, macaroni. Only 3 out of 10 teens report eating healthy vegetables during a day. Kids have easy access to vending machines at school with 82 percent at middle schools and 97 percent in high schools across America. Dr. Oz also said that kids consume 29 teaspoons of sugar a day which equals 92 pounds of sugar in one year. Dr. Oz said that they went through school cafeterias and noticed that they didn’t have fiber in there menus.

The ‘Eat This not That’ author was an overweight kid (about 30 – 35 pounds) and he said that they wrote the book because he was shocked by all the hidden fats and sugar in foods. He showed how to pack a healthy lunch for your kids. Have a nutrient dense lunch, lean protein, such as a turkey with Swiss cheese on whole wheat bread. Dr. Oz said it takes about 12 exposures to get used to it. He said to pack pretzels. The beverage is the single greatest change, not soda. His example was a reduced calorie real fruit juice drink. He also showed crackers with ham and cheese. He said that Swiss cheese is better than cheddar because it is lower fat. He suggests a snack of Apple slices with a peanut butter carmel dip. Oprah pointed out that Triscuit crackers bring fiber. A Rice Krispie treat has 90 calories and he joked it will give them something to barter with in the cafeteria.

Healthy Eating Habits for the Whole Family

Dr. Oz warns viewers that more kids will die from bad eating habits than they will from drugs, tobacco and alcohol. On average, kids consume 450 calories each day from beverages alone. Liquid calories are the easiest thing to cut. Dr. Oz said to drink more water instead of sodas and sugary fruit drinks. Fast food hamburgers have increased by 97 calories and French fries by 68 calories since 1977. He suggests using smaller bowls plates and cups to help promote portion control. Dr. Oz said that having a structured meal time and eating together helps to create healthier eating habits. Families that eat together at least 3 times a week have half the weight issues of those that eat together only once or twice a week.

Exercise is part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Roughly 1/3 of children are unfit. A typical American child watches TV, plays video games and sits at the computer for 4 -5 hours a day. 30 percent of all teens could not pass a fitness test.

Dr. Oz said that walking is a good exercise and he said to buy a pedometer. A pedometer will measure the amount of step you do each day. He said to walk an extra half an hour a day it would be a great start.

Closing Thoughts from Teens and Parents with Losing Weight

A mom of the teen said that sometimes it is hard to afford healthy food choices because they are on a budget. Dr. Oz said that you can be shrewder about how you shop. He suggest finding a farmers market to buy fresh produce. Oprah said that you need to have a paradigm shift for the whole family. There may be less video games in the house so you can have healthy food choices.

One of the teens asked if she should get the gastric bypass surgery. Dr. Oz said that they should try to do the other changes first but there are trials out there.

Dr. Oz said to make sure that the teens have a long term plan. Make sure that you love yourself, because that is the ultimate hunger that you have to feed.

By: Nicole Wilson



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