The Funniest Super Bowl Commercials for 2009

The Funniest Super Bowl Commercials for 2009

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[Best Syndication News] The 43rd Super Bowl is over and the Pittsburgh Steelers won the game, but which commercials got you to chuckle? I think that there was a few really good ones. I would have to say out of all of them, the funniest one this year was’s ad with Alec Baldwin.

They had the pretty girl ads where you could go to the website to get the whole rest of the story. Jack in the Box had an ad were he gets hit by a bus, but they end it there so you have to go to to get the update on how he is doing. By far the website is worth a visit and this is what is funny, not so much the ad that was on the Super Bowl. had a cute ad with a genius kid that was adorable and fun at the same time. Super Bowl 43 Commercial for 2009 (OFFICIAL) of David Abernathy

The Coca-Cola Bug super bowl commercials was just cute.

Coca-Cola: Bugs Life Super Bowl Commercial Ad 2009

Don’t want to end up like some of these people on the ads, the Doritos commercial the guy was having a lucky day but gets hit by a bus at the end of it, luckily he survives.

Doritos: Lucky Day Super Bowl Ad 2009

Cheetos and pigeons was a reinvention of the bird attacking. It was a little bit strange.

Cheetos: Pigeons Super Bowl Commercial Ad 2009

This commercial was a bit cute but ended a little bit weird with the guy and the monkey cozying up together.

Castrol: Monkeys Super Bowl Commercial 2009

I don’t know what the point of the commercial was exactly. It had some animation with fences growing. It was a bit odd.

Frosted Flakes: Plant a Seed Super Bowl Commercial Ad 2009 YouTube

This one was funny, Mrs. Potato Head loses her mouth and can’t complain. Mr. Potato head didn’t mind that at all.

Bridgestone: Potato Heads Super Bowl Commercial 20 YouTube Video

This was a neat uses of animations with a safari hunt of office chairs. Super Bowl Commerical 2009 - OFFICIAL

This job site ad was probably obnoxious but memorable at the same time, and yep, probably will get people to want to jump ship from their awful job starting tomorrow. Official Super Bowl Commercial 2009

Weird commercials that just don’t make sense was what Sobe accomplished. It was like drink this and turn into a lizard alien or something. The ad did do a neat 3D ad so it was like things were popping out at you when you wore the 3D glasses.

Sobe Official 2009 Super Bowl Commerical

This was a strange advertising by GE, but I think what they were going after is that the wireless electricity will be the wave of the future with the communication of devices working with the electricity signal being sent.

GE: Scarecrow Super Bowl Commercial Ad 2009

Ok, there must have been a theme for the monster vs aliens animation film that was promoted during the game. The website was hilarious. It had Alec Baldwin explain how can broadcast your favorite tv shows to your portable devices and make your brain turn to gelatinous mush. Then he said he was drooling and an alien antenna comes out of his jacket and slicks his hair down. By far this one was the funniest super bowl commercial for 2009. Some conspiracy guys, (David Icke) may be freaking out over this ad as he believes that the world is being run by alien lizards.

Hulu com: Alec Baldwin Super Bowl Commercial Ad 2009

My second favorite funniest super bowl commercial for 2009 was the Cash4Gold commercial. Because as you know, Ed McMahon is on the verge of bankruptcy and losing it all, and the can turn his gold hip into gold. It was worth a laugh and hopefully they paid him well to get himself out of financial trouble.

OFFICIAL 2009 Cash4Gold Super Bowl Commercial

This was a funny commercial worthy of mention, the Pepsi Max commercial the guy keeps getting hurt, and says he’s good like it didn’t hurt, when you know it did.

Pepsi Max: I'm Good Super Bowl Commercial 2009

By: John Stanton



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