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[Best Syndication News] NBC’s Today show host, Matt Lauer, will be interviewing President Barrack Obama around 2 p.m. Pacific time. Even though Al Roker claimed the first interview with the new President right after the inauguration, when Obama said something to him as he was walking by. During the interview there was a time when Obama's audio was blank. Lauer pointed out that Obama has slipped on the rock star celebrity status as Jessica Simpson's weight gain has taken his place.

The pre game entertainment will be Faith Hill will singing “America the Beautiful.” Afterwards will follow former ‘American Idol’ contestant and actress-singer, Jennifer Hudson, who will be performing the national anthem. This is Hudson’s first public appearance since her mother, brother and nephew were murdered back in October, 2008.

The half-time entertainment for Super Bowl 43 will be Bruce Springsteen. The joke going around is how Springsteen will be able to keep his performance to under 12 minutes as he likes to talk a lot between songs.

If you haven’t got the 3D glasses from your local grocery store, you might want to hustle down to get yourself some for DreamWorks’ ‘Monters vs. Aliens’ which will be airing at the end of the 2nd quarter of the big game. Intel has something called intru3D and the glasses are not the typical blue and red colors of the days gone by. You can check it out at and

The super bowl commercials will be quite a hit as well. Peta got banned from the super bowl line up. Hey but it worked because they didn't have to pay for the ad, and the get everyone watching it online and on the news. It was a weird commercial with women in their underwear showing them making love to vegetables. One was licking a pumpkin while another was suggestive playing with a bunch of asparagus. See the ad below.

BY: Nicole Wilson

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Banned Vegan Superbowl ad YouTube Video



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