Google Latitude – Tracking your Every Move

Google Latitude – Tracking your Every Move

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Well, that is if you sign up for the service. Google Latitude was launched this week as a free to use service that will let you be followed via your mobile phone or other GPS devices.

Of course, Google promises to keep your info private and you are in charge of who is tracking you. While it sounds like a great way to follow your spouse and kids while you are at work, it might not be the best thing to be doing. Let’s face it, if your kid or spouse is going to be doing something that they aren’t supposed to they are going to make sure to ditch the phone in the appropriate location so they won’t be found out.

Privacy International is a group that is speaking out against the new tracking technology that works with Google Maps to track your every move. The group released this statement, "The company has a long way to go before it can capture the trust of phone users. As it stands right now, Latitude could be a gift to stalkers, prying employers, jealous partners and obsessive friends. The dangers to a user's privacy and security are as limitless as the imagination of those who would abuse this technology."

This is good that Privacy International is challenging Google’s privacy and security on their Latitude service. Google is working on improving their service by notifying the cell phone holder if they are being tracked on Google Latitude or not. Google is working on implementing this notification for mobile phones that support the device.

Privacy International still says that a person could unknownligy be tracked without their knowledge. If someone gains access to the mobile phone device and is able to set up the tracking on someone else, this could be a dangerous scenario in some cases.

I think that unless you have Alzheimer’s or you are a little kid, you might not need to indulge your every move for the world at large. Or you could just sew a return label with your address and phone number in the clothes and skip the whole mobile phone tracking thing altogether. I think an offline solution might be a better option for this as it would be to easy for abuse via the internet.

By: Dusty Rhodes

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