HMS Victory Shipwreck found in English Channel - 1 Billion Dollars worth of Treasure

HMS Victory Shipwreck found in English Channel - 1 Billion Dollars worth of Treasure

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[Best Syndication News] The HMS Victory ship sunk in stormy seas back in 1744 but it wasn’t until this week, when an American company called Odyssey discovered what they call “the most significant shipwreck discovery in history.”

The HMS Victory was a warship that had a crew of around 1,100 that died when it went underwater. The estimated treasures with gold coins and artifacts could be worth potentially $1 billion. The Odyssey company is undergoing a legal battle to allow them to recover the treasures and artifacts. Because the HMS Victory is a military ship she is the property of the British government according to the laws of marine salvaging.

The reported discovery of the HMS Victory in the English Channel is likely to stir controversy on the question of balancing historical preservation with dollars and cents, or in this case, gold and silver, Time magazine reports.

The president of Odyssey, Gregg Stemm tells the media that this ship had the largest collection of bronze cannons on the ship and believes based on research that it has one of the largest amounts of gold and silver on a shipwreck.

These treasure hunters are getting a bad rap because they are not archaeologists that would preserve all of the findings in the shipwreck accordingly. However, Stemm told Time magazine that every coin will be carefully cataloged. Stemm argues that it is better to sell the coins to help pay for the archaeology than having it come from taxpayers wallets.

The shipwreck was found 40 kilometers off the coast of England. The HMS Victory is 175 feet long and was a sailing warship that sank in October of 1744. There is 110 brass cannons on board the ship. There is an estimated 100,000 gold coins on the ship as well, but they have not located all of these coins.

By: Marlene Donor

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