Being Sleepy during the Day – Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease for Elderly

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[Best Syndication News] If you are excessively sleepy during the daytime you might want to let your doctor know about it as a French study discovered that otherwise healthy elderly people that reported feeling sleepy during the day had a significantly increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. The study was published in Stroke which is put out by the American Heart Association.

The healthy elderly patients that reported having excessive day time sleepiness had a 49 percent increase risk of dying from a cardiovascular event. There was a 33 % increase in the relative risk of overall death. Of the cardiovascular deaths, these included cerebrovascular disease, myocardial infarction and heart failure., inc.

The study consisted of three cities that participated in the study in France. They followed 9,294 community dwelling individuals over the age of 65 that did not live in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Out of this group they excluded those that suffered from dementia so there was a study of 8,269 elderly individuals that were considered healthy.

They asked these elderly patients simple question of whether they feel tired or sleepy throughout the day. From this study they believe that it offers a chance to further look into potential health problems that could be prevented later on.

They also found that those that reported being sleepy during the day were less educated and had a lower income. They suggest that they need to ask the same question to different populations to see if the risk is the same in different groups. They do mention that French paradox showed as there was low number of cardiovascular death rates overall.

They did ultrasounds of the carotid artery in two-thirds of the participants in the study to see if there was carotid plaque with those that complained of the excessive sleepiness during the daytime. But they did not find any differences. In addition their resting heart rate was no different. The researchers are not sure if the sleepiness is a symptom of heart disease or if the sleepiness causes the heart disease to become worse.

By: Marlene Donor



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