Octomom Update - Nadya Suleman turns down Housing and Care Offer but Gets Clothing Donation for Octuplets

Octomom Update - Nadya Suleman turns down Housing and Care Offer but Gets Clothing Donation for Octuplets

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[Best Syndication News] It appears as if Octomom Nadya Suleman will get the opportunity to dress her babies in the same clothes as Angelina Jolie’s kids. But this is the least of the problems for Suleman at the moment. The house that she is living in is in the process of being foreclosed on and she has a total of 14 children, with the local family services investigating her ability to raise all of these children. To make matters worse, she had an opportunity for housing and 24 hour care to assist with the children that she turned down.

Suleman is currently unemployed and is feeding her family with the government food stamp program. Luckily, baby brand, Custom Kingdom, has extended clothing assistance to Suleman. If she accepts the offer she will get at minimum $500 each month of their clothing to the family for a one year time period reported US Magazine. The brands that they will be getting is Ninja, iPoo, and Security which is available at their website at http://www.custom-kingdom.com/childrens-clothing.html. The clothing is mostly silk screened printed onesies for the babies. The company has also sent Angelina Jolie onesies that said "I'm Out on Parole" to Knox and Viv after they were born.

The good news is that all of the octuplet babies are all doing well and are now one month old. The bad news is that Suleman is being scrutinized and may have to prove that she is able to care for the octuplets before being able to take them home. Her mother said that she would adopt the babies if her daughter wouldn't be able to take them home. But it is her mother that owns the house that Nayda and her six other children are living in that is currently in the process of being foreclosed on.

Gloria Allred appeared on CBS' "Early Show" today and said that she will be revealing what she calls, "disturbing conversations" with Nadya Suleman at a 2 pm press conference. Allred has also has filed a complaint with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. The reason for Allred’s frustration is that The Angels in Waiting organization offered her assistance with housing and care for 6 months, and they needed an answer so that they can prepare for such a large family. Suleman chose not to accept the offer for the housing and assistance from this organization.

By: Marlene Donor



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