Who won 'American Idol' Season 8 – The winner is Kris Allen

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[Best Syndication News] Wow! I guess America wasn't quite ready for Adam Lambert to win 'American Idol.' Despite Lambert's perfect performances, it was Kris Allen that walked away with the title for season 8.

So why did this happen? 'American Idol' added up the viewers votes and there were more liking Kris Allen over Adam Lambert. The judges loved Adam Lambert for his slick commercialized performances and they kept up the compliments with him every week. After a while though, I started to think that maybe he was so phoney that his act wasn't very real or believable. That might have been part of it, the other part is that he was seen out with a guy that tabloids are saying that he has introduced as his boyfriend. It definitely ruins the girl fan base that ever had a fantasy moment with Lambert.

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So I guess that leaves us with a similar scenario from last season's show with David Archuleta and David Cook battling it out. The judges loved Archuleta for his marketability for the young teenage crowd, and the viewers loved the rock and roll music of David Cook. So what we ended up with on all the after shows was duel interviews as if they both won. Archuleta did managed to have quite a following after the show and was promoted like crazy to the younger crowd on the Disney radio and Disney Channel.

The next question is if 'American Idol' will be around next season, will Paula Abdul be there working as a judge. Based on several interviews she has said that they have not renewed her contract a month ago. In addition to this she has been working on several other things, including selling a jewelry line. She also performed on the show with one of her new songs.

By: John Stanton



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