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Titan Peeler and Julienne Tool

[Best Syndication News] I couldn't help myself when I saw an ad for the Titan vegetable Peeler and of course that is not all you get - you also get the Julienne Tool. I was so intrigued by this that I almost ordered from the television ad that day. But days went buy and I said I didn't really need another peeler, but it sure did look sweet, so I went down to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy one for myself. I didn't get the mandolin slicer with it that they offer on the commercial, but it also cost $14.99 for the Titan Peeler and the Julienne Tool. There was an insert inside the package that said if I mail in $3.99 they will send out the mandolin. I don't need the mandolin as I already have two others. (Yes, I am a kitchen gadget junky.)

The Titan peelers are made in china, but they are all metal and seem very sturdy to hold. The metal is thick enough that it looks like it will last a long time. I was worried that the blades would be dull and wouldn't peel worth a darn. I was wrong! It worked really well. The packaging says that the blades are “100% stainless steel ultra sharp blades” and sure enough they teeth on the peeler blades took off the carrots outer shell easily and very quickly and without any extra force from my part.

The one thing that was different about the Titan peeler is that it leaves behind a grooved textured surface. This doesn't bother me as I want to peel something fast and get on with the cooking. But if you are looking for a smooth surface on your produce this peeler won't do that.

So with my carrots I decided to put them on a salad and use the Titan Julienne Tool to make shredded carrots. It was pretty slick. I wouldn't usually want to get the grater out because of the clean up detail. With this tool it is small enough to stick it in the dishwasher for clean up so I just might be using it more often. I looks a lot easier to clean up than a traditional grater.

The shredded carrots were a little bit trickier to do as I quickly learned how to make short swoops on the carrot not to make huge long strings of carrots but instead ones that were around 2 inches in length. It didn't take a lot of physical effort and I had one carrot julienned in less than 2 minutes. I can't wait to use the Julienne tool in my Chinese stir fry cooking!

I still say if you want to slice produce into thin slices you probably would be better off using a food processor or a mandolin to slice you potatoes in mass quantities. I suppose for a radish on a salad it would be cool, because you could use the same shredder that you did you carrots with to slice your radishes.

Since I am constantly peeling vegetables and cooking in the kitchen, one tool that I use again and again is my vegetable peeler. I have lived with my $1 peeler for years on end and was content enough, but I do have to say that I am happy with the way that the Titan Vegetable Peeler worked and it looks like it will last a long time for me.

By: Nicole Wilson

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