Evian's Skating Baby Viral Ad Video is Setting Records

Evian's Skating Baby Viral Ad Video is Setting Records

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[Best Syndication News] Viral advertising is a new marketing medium for companies to sell there goods on the internet. Evian released a video of Skating Babies and it has already received over 6 millions views and is expected to hit 20 million views.

It is an amazing technical achievement where the London based Ludo Fealy of the Motion Picture Company and his artists created a video of babies roller skating to music. They used green screens to capture footage of babies during an audition and they took these elements with the magic of computers to incorporate a realistic video of babies doing roller skating stunts.

Then they took real film footage of professional skaters doing the moves first and proceeded to use computer animation software to make the babies bodies do those same moves outlined by the pros. Then the artists used the real life babies head footage that they gathered to attach onto the computer generated bodies to give you such realism. To finish it off, the artists then overlayed the babies skating animations over a backdrop of a real life setting in a park.

If they can make babies roller skate and look that real, you have to wonder what movies will be like 10 years from now.

By: John Stanton

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Evian Roller Babies international version YouTube Video



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