Disappearing Russian Cargo Ship in English Channel leaves Authorities Puzzled

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[Best Syndication News] A Russian cargo ship called the Arctic Sea, was carrying timber has disappeared with a mysterious group of men boarding and attacking the crew off the coast of Sweden. However the ship was expected to dock at a port in Algeria on August 4th, and now a week later, there still is no ship.

The last they heard from the ship's captain was on July 28th when they announced who they where, what they were carrying, and where they are going. This was a standard procedure that the British maritime authorities have as it is a busy shipping area through the English Channel.

The Arctic Sea cargo ship had a group of 10 men board the ship on July 24th off of the coast of the Swedish Island, Oland. The ship crew was told by the masked men that they were police officers and tied up the men. They Swedish police told the media newswire that they hadn't been out searching ships in that area. The crew had told that Swedish police investigator that the men left the ship after 12 hours and in a high-speed inflatable boat.

The British Maritime and Coastguard Agency haven't experienced a ship disappearing or a highjacking in the European waters.

They are thinking that if anything happened to the ship that the wood the ship was carrying would have been found.

The Russian government believe they have received a radio broadcast from the mission ship from Portugal. However the Portuguese officials haven't seen the ship pass through the area.

In the meantime, the Russian Navy has also joined in the search for the missing cargo ship.

By: Marlene Donor

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