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Here's a quick and effective thigh workout for women who are busy and can't always get to the gym. If you want toned thighs, slim thighs, and sexy thighs... then print this out because it's the perfect blueprint workout to accomplish all of that... and FAST!

1. Wall Squats

Wall squats are bodyweight squats you do while leaning against a wall. What you do is find a wall and lean your back perfectly straight on it. Then move your feet so they're about 18-20 inches out from the wall.

Then simply squat down until your upper thighs are below parallel to the ground. Do 4 sets of as many repetitions as you can.

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One thing though, for best overall thigh development, put your feet into 3 different positions. One where they're close together, about 9 inches apart. One position where they are about 18 inches apart, and another position where your feet are about 27 inches apart.

The different feet placements work different parts of your thighs.

The close foot position works more your outter thighs, while the wide foot position works more your inner thighs.

2. Hindu Squats

This is another bodyweight squat, but it's very different as you'll see when you try out both of these exercises. Your goal with this exercise is to squat up and down as fast as possible and do 100 repetitions in under 5 minutes.

This is great for developing toned, slim, and sexy thighs since Hindu squats are a top fat loss exercise. One thing, be sure to touch your finger tips to the ground when you squat down to be sure you went down far enough.

So try this simple, yet incredibly effective thigh workout so you can create your own toned and slim thighs just in time for summer.

By: Jennifer Jolan

About the Author:

Jennifer Jolan is a weight loss and nutrition consultant who has helped over 3,700 women over the years. Click to get your FREE 19-PAGE Report titled "How Spinning Around in a Circle Like a Child Skyrockets Your Weight Loss".



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