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There are a ton of reasons to want big arms. Big arms come in just behind a flat stomach as the barometer of a good fitness level. There are three main mistakes that people make when they are trying to get big arms. The arm workout found below can add up to an inch in the first month alone, and allow you to continue to add size.

It's important that your workout program be well rounded and focus on the whole body. Therefore, someone who is relatively new to training should not focus on arms. The main goal in the beginning stages of adding mass, should be focused on the large muscles.

Use compound exercises that focus on large muscles. Exercises like bench, military press, seated rows, lat pull downs and leg presses focus on large muscles while also working smaller muscles. If you have already been training for around 6 months or so, then you can put your focus on isolating the smaller muscles in order to see real gains.

It is also important to remember that the triceps make up 60% of the arm. Many people put to much focus on their biceps in order to add arm size, and this is the wrong approach. The main focus should be on the triceps. As with any muscle that you're looking to add mass too, you need to make sure to go low repetition and heavy weight. Heavy weight is key.

The following are the main things to remember when performing arm geared workouts:

1) Create a foundation of basic training before switching your focus to your arms.
2) Perform 3 triceps exercises for every 2 bicep exercise
3) You are not using enough weight if you can do more than 6 reps.
4) Don't do the same number of reps with the same amount of weight in consecutive sets. Never.
5) If you are not sure, on weight and reps, add weight, reduce reps
6) Perfect form isn't a necessity for every rep as even cheater reps can be effective if you are using enough weight.

The final principal is:

7) Train your biceps and triceps together. Alternate your sets, in a workout of just arms. The results are partly psychological as it gives you the biggest arms you can have and that can help motivate you.

Following these basic principals for a month while eating a diet that has plenty portien and plenty of rest will allow you real growth in the first month alone.

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