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Washing machines have become one of the most essential home appliances. These machines perform the heavy duty task of washing clothes. It reduces the time taken and manual labor included in washing clothes. Every day newer technology is coming our way to improve the performance of these machines. There are lots of brands which are offering high quality washing machines. One of the most popular washing machines is Hitachi washing machines.

In the market there is wide range of different qualities for all kinds of equipments and it is quite rare to find a washing machine which lasts for more than 5 years. If you are looking for a washing machine which lasts longer than many others in the same segment, only buy Hitachi washing machines. Washing machines from Hitachi are more popular in countries like India, China and Thailand.

Hitachi washing machines are quite a hard worker. Once you purchase and start using them, you need not service them for long time. Even if you face some problem, genuine parts of these machines from Hitachi are readily available.

Hitachi is a reputed company which offers quality products all over the world. About a hundred years ago, Hitachi had a very humble beginning as an electrical repair shop. Counted among the largest multinational companies of the world, Hitachi is leading in many arenas like electronics, power, IT and finance. Washing machines are manufactured under the category of consumer products which is small part of overall product range of the company. But in recent years, Hitachi is focusing more on various other areas of its business and hence pulling out the domestic products from the market. Still, Hitachi products are in great demand due to the excellent features and the high quality.

These washing machines from Hitachi are mostly made for Asia market rather than western markets. Most of the latest Hitachi Washing Machine are top loading machines and have large capacities. They can take up the load up to 16 kg and this is the biggest selling point of these machines. There is special and quite unique feature in these machines which is called Beat lifter. These features raises the clothes within the washing tub and get them washed as if they are being washed by hands. This feature is great for care of the clothes.

Hitachi SF-160 is a very efficient and popular washing machine. You can find Hitachi products online if you do not have real store near you.

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