Injuries While Traveling on Business

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Did you know that if you have been injured while traveling on business you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits? Workers’ Compensation laws are complex vary from state to state. An experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help you navigate the law determine if you have a claim.

Under workers’ compensation law, if you are injured while travelling for the benefit of your employer you can receive Workers’ Compensation benefits that will cover your medical expenses and other financial losses such as lost wages and even permanent disability.

Business trips

If you job requires you to travel out of town, and you are involved in an accident, you should file a workers’ compensation claim right away. This includes auto accidents, plane crashes, and any other type of accident that occurs during your business trip.

Non-business activities

Your injuries may be covered even if they are incurred during a non-business activity, if that activity was reasonably foreseeable. For instance if you have an accident in your hotel room, such as falling in the shower, it could be covered under workers’ comp because you would not have been in the hotel were you not traveling for the benefit of your employer.

Even injuries that occur during leisure activities during your business trip may be covered.

Your daily commute

Traveling to and from work is not considered work-related travel. If you are in an accident during your daily commute you will not be eligible to receive workers’ compensation for you injuries.

Why you need an attorney

A Workers’ Compensation claim is not a lawsuit against your employer. You do not need to prove fault to receive benefits. However, determining whether or not your travel is considered a covered activity can require the help of an attorney.

Most employers are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover their employees’ work-related injuries. A Worker’s Compensation claim is an insurance claim. The insurance company will try to fight it and avoid paying. This is where an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the benefits you deserve so that you can get the medical care that you need and compensation for your lost wages.

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If you have been injured while traveling on business, and your job is based in North Carolina, White and Stradley can help. Please visit our website to learn more about workers’ compensation law and the benefits that you may be entitled to.



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