Tai Chi Classes to Commence at Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre

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Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre, at Kurrajong, in the Blue Mountains, north-west of Sydney is starting Tai Chi Classes on the 19th of October.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), providing a means to balance the mind, body and spirit. Tai Chi is a martial art and involves slow, precise movements combined with breathing to strengthen the body, focus the mind and activate the body's Qi. It is used as a form of exercise in China and has gained increased popularity as a form of exercise in the west.

Tai Chi is however much more than mere exercise. Many practitioners of Chinese medicine use Tai Chi to help them focus and direct the Qi, which they use when practicing acupuncture. In addition, Tai Chi can also be use as a form of self-defense. It is a martial art and many consider it to be superior to Karate.

Tai Chi can also be used as a meditative form of exercise not unlike Yoga. The slow, precise movements combined with specific breathing techniques make this practice ideal for meditation and relaxation. This is a great way to get control over stress.

Tai Chi has been shown scientifically to help increase flexibility, balance, concentration and focus. Not bad for doing a few slow movements for about 20 minutes every day. Not only can it improve flexibility, etc., but it is also a way to move energy through the 12 meridians to help unblock these meridians and move the Qi through the organs.

As a martial art it is possible for anyone to learn a few simple, yet effective moves to fend off an attacker – no you won’t become Bruce Lee over night, but you can learn simple yet effective techniques to at least make your attacker think twice before further assaulting you.

Where can you go for classes?
So, if you life in the greater Kurrajong area in the Blue Mountains, and you’d like to join our classes, they start on Monday, 19th October, at 2:30 (for new member there’s an introductory class) and for regular member at 3:30pm.

Classes cost $12 for the 1-hour session

For more information contact Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre



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