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[Best Syndication News] The Doctor Oz TV show put together a free health care clinic in Houston, Texas to help individuals that don't have access to health care. On the show they had a number of health cases that really got you thinking about the health care in America, and how it is really scary because you could be unlucky and end up with out health insurance or an ability to afford health care.

One case was of a women that had a heart problem and needed a pacemaker. She found out that her heart was operating a only 25 percent, and on the show Doctor Oz introduced a doctor that would be able to help with a pacemaker implant.

Another case was a man that has cancer on his lower lip. It is so severe the cancer that it covers the whole entire lower lip and has moved into his lymph nodes in his neck. He didn't have health insurance and couldn't get work because of his disfiguring cancer on the lip. Doctor Oz introduced several doctors that would work with him to remove the cancer tumor growth, and to reconstruct his face along with the cancer treatments. He also has to stop smoking, which probably caused the skin cancer to develop on the lip. What was really shocking is that the doctors that specialized in the ear, nose, throat said that the severity of the tumor is something they see quite often.

There was one lady that had a job and had cancer and was treated. But then she was laid off and lost her health insurance benefits. She told the show that she was no longer able to be insured because of her pre-existing condition.

There was a young family with 5 children. The young toddler had a whole in her heart. They were struggling and the mother said that it was at least a year a half since the last time she has taken her children to the doctors.

Doctor Oz said the free health clinic was organized with the help of an organization called The National Association of Free Clinics. There website is at .

There are many free health clinics held in the United States. You can either visit
or to find out were a free health clinic is being held in your area.

Check out the interview below with Keith Olbermann and Doctor Oz about the free health fair.

By: Marlene Donor

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Dr. Oz on Keith Olbermann's Countdown YouTube Video



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