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(Best Syndication News) There are two health care bills being considered in the Senate and three in the House of Representatives (see graph below). Lawmakers are working behind closed doors to reconcile the packages before they bring them forth for a vote or debate.

Although most Americans favor a public (i.e. government) health insurance option, not all of the bills being considered has one. According to a recent poll, most Americans don’t favor the proposals: 45 percent favor the bill outlines and 48 percent oppose them. One in nine Republicans oppose the bills while seven in 10 Democrats favor them.

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Public Option

Support for the public option is also increasing. Back in August only 52 percent of Americans favored a public option. Today 57 want a government insurance plan to be made available while 40 percent don’t want one.

Interestingly, if the public opiton were made available by the state and available only to those who could not afford insurance, support jumps to 76 percent.

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Government Aid and Mandates

According to the Washington Post – ABC News poll, 56 percent of all American believe health insurance should be mandated by the government. The insurance industry also favors this provision. If the government subsidizes low-income Americans, support jumps to 71 percent. America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the lobbying group for the industry, also support government payments directly to the insurance companies. The majority of Republicans back these mandates.

Despite the support for government mandates and aid, most Americans believe the bills will increase the deficit. Only 51 percent of Americans would prefer a reform plan that included some form of government insurance for people who cannot get affordable private coverage even if it had no GOP support in Congress, while 31 percent would prefer a “bi-partisan” plan without such a choice.

By: Marsha Quinn
Health Writer

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