Muslim Swimwear - Smooth movement in water without Breaching Modesty

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Swimming as an exercise has advantages for both body and mind. It helps you to remain fit and slim. Swimming in the beaches is also a good refreshment idea. However, Muslim women were beyond the circumference of this exciting activity due to certain religious restriction. Islam is averse to exposure of women skin in public places. To help Muslim women in this regard, Oliver Momeni came with Burquini or Muslim swimwear. This is a full body swimwear which enhances body smooth movements during swimming without breaching modesty. Its "four-way" stretch design ensures comfort.

Muslim swimwear is two piece swim suit comprising of a shirt with head cover and a pant. Apart from face, hands and feet, this swimwear covers the whole body. You can buy Muslim swim suits from both online and onsite stores. However, while purchasing them, you need to keep following facts in mind for a better deal.

Quality of the swimwear, Inc., Inc.

Quality of the swimwear needs to be given utmost priority while shopping. The swimwear needs to offer you resistance against chlorine and ultraviolet rays. Material of the swimsuit should not have any adverse effect on your skin.

Size and fitting of the swimwear

For better movement in water you need to buy a swimsuit that matches to the fitting of your body. Women having extra weight should purchase plus size swimsuits. The rags and stitching of the swimsuit need to be perfect.


Price of Muslim swimwear varies from vendor to vendor. Hence make sure that you have made a proper comparison before purchasing them. Comparison is made easier if you resort to online mode. Here, with few clicks on computer you can access to scores of vendors from the comfort of home. Online vendors also offer attractive discounts as their cost of operation is lower compared to onsite stores.

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To conclude, pay proper attention to factors like quality, size and price while buying Muslim swimwear and get ready to explore the exciting side of swimming

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