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Now that the Internet has given birth to what has become a video media phenomenon today, it's on course to creating another one with television. People across the globe are using various search terms such as "television pc" to discover the how, what and where to watch their favorite sports, movies, TV shows/episodes, and other entertainment on their PCs.

Honestly speaking, with all the different types of media hardware, software and video/audio cable connectors, including 100s of media websites, reviews, and other related info. online, who can possibly absorb everything when trying to figure out how and where to start.

3 Ways to Getting a Television PC System:

1. Use hardware that utilizes the Internet to watch Satellite/Cable TV channels coming from home to a PC located anywhere in the World. (Can cost in the $100s and requires some tech know-how)

2. Buy a multimedia Television PC that allows watching TV channels, videos and listening to radio stations and music. (Can cost several $100 or $1000s)

3. Download and install television PC software (or whatever name implied) to help deliver 1000s of free premium, HDTV and on-demand channels, including other entertainment on any computer. (Can cost as high as $100 and as low as $8)

By far, the easiest and fastest way to creating a super television PC system when using a desktop or laptop is through software. If you are one of many who likes DIY (do-it-yourself) methods, then this would be the best way to go. Keep in mind, choosing a top software package that delivers on its promise and provides the next best thing to paid TV on a PC brings more enjoyment.

Downloading and installing a top television PC software to a computer that comes with a package offers more value and perks than free software (TV players) out there. Newbies can lower the learning curve as well as save time and effort combing the Internet in search of their favorite channels and entertainment.

That said, whether or not paid TV is in the home, a television PC package can make a World of difference as it can streamline, organize, and deliver 1000s of free channels to you. Creating a super computer Internet TV system comes easy as everything is already provided. In fact, newbies can watch whatever they like when using a desktop or laptop with an Internet broadband connection, or on their TV sets.

Using Internet TV software doesn't mean it delivers premium paid Satellite and Cable channels to a computer. Instead, it helps deliver the next best thing to paid TV. That said, the software is legal, safe, and risk-free to download for a small one-time fee.

Since the Internet is where the best entertainment is located, just making a simple TV to PC connection using a video/audio cable connector may not be as entertaining. Imagine having the best of both Worlds--keeping your Satellite/Cable subscription and downloading Internet TV to a computer with access to 1000s of free channels across the globe. Or without a television set.

Young people are not the only ones watching Internet TV on their computers. People ages 35 and over, and in their 80s have some type of television PC system in place. It's not too surprising that some consumers have either cut or downsized their Satellite/Cable TV subscriptions. And it wasn't because of high cost, instead this had much to do with more choices (less channel restrictions).

With software, anyone can create (without tech skills) a DIY television PC system within five minutes including a mobile TV system that allows you to have an extra television and watch everything on the go.

So even if you consider yourself to be a televisionPC4idiots kind of person, software can help put you one step ahead the smarts guys who can put in the time and effort only to find some of the great entertainment online rather than all of it.

By: Philip Sumpter

About the Author:

Philip Sumpter is tester/user of Internet TV products and has helped 1000s of people worldwide enjoy the best of computer Internet TV. Would you like to watch free TV shows, sports, and movies on your PC? To learn more and become part of a growing Internet TV/video industry, go to Satellite TV to PC Reviews 2009 or Satellite TV to PC Reviews



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