10 Ways Herbal Remedies can help protect you against Colds and Flu

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The typical signs of the common cold are a runny or blocked nose, a sore throat, sneezing, cough, headache and mild fever.

Symptoms of the Flu are similar, however the fever is usually higher, and alternates with chills and is accompanied by sweating, aches and pain and fatigue.

Why do we get the cold and flu ?

There are many different viruses that can cause colds and flu. They are passed from person to person by inhaling infected droplets that have been sneezed or coughed into the air or by touching an area with live infection.

Infection is most likely to occur when the immune function is low because of tiredness, stress, poor diet and digestion function, lack of exercise or smoking.

What are the different treatments for cold and flu ?

People spend billions of dollars every year trying to fight off the misery of the common cold.

Want to try something different?

Here are 10 natural ways to help protect yourself against colds or flu using herbal remedies.

1. Eat plenty of leeks and green onions.

These herbs and foods have powerful cold fighting properties. Leeks provide a good source of fiber, folic acid, vitamins B6 and C, manganese, and iron.

Onions are a very good source of vitamins B6 and C, chromium, biotin, and fiber. They are also a good source of folic acid and vitamins B1 and K. The health benefits provided by onions are also due to their content of several organic sulfur compounds. You can eat healthy vegetable soup with leeks or green onions in it.

2.Take a large clove of Garlic, peel and keep it in your mouth.

Bite down every so often to release the natural juices. Replace with a new clove every four or five hours. Cold symptoms are usually gone in twenty four, to forty eight hours.

Garlic provides an excellent source of vitamin B6. It has vitamin C, manganese, and selenium. Garlic also contains sulfur-containing compounds such as allicin. Allicin has been shown to be effective against common infections such as colds, flu, stomach viruses, and candida yeast.
3.Your nose all stuffed up?

Try eating some hot or spicy foods which should open up those blocked nasal passages and you won't have to take too many nose drops!

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm tea promotes sweating. This is good for feverish colds as it helps to eliminate the toxins from the body.

5. Chest congestion can be effectively cleared up by breathing a mixture of hot vinegar, or white wine. Breathe in the vapors for a few minutes, and you should get relief

6. Coughs and sore throats can be controlled with several home remedies.

A classic remedy requires a large lemon. Start by slowing roasting it until it just splits open. Now take up to half a teaspoon of honey with the juice from the lemon. Repeat at hourly intervals until the cough is under control.

7. Feel better with elderberry or elderberry tea to treat respiratory infections. Now scientific evidence suggests that taking a standardized elderberry extract can shorten the length of time you're sick by 50 percent.

8. Soothe a sore throat - Drink a tea made of mucilaginous herbs such as marshmallow or slippery elm, which coat the throat.

9. Stop the cough - When you can't quit coughing, drink hot ginger tea. Ginger stimulates circulation and helps clear your sinuses and lungs of mucus. You may also get some relief with the natural cough suppressant, bromelain, which is an enzyme that comes from pineapple.

10. Breathe easier - One of the best ways to open clogged sinus and bronchial passages is to breathe warm steam to which you've added essential oil of eucalyptus.

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