Honey As Moisturizer - Can You Really Use Honey As A Moisturizer For Your Skin

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The use of honey as moisturizer has been an effective treatment since the Roman era, but it seems to be catching on again after a bit of a lull. This is good in some ways, because the use of the right type of honey on the skin can do wonders for you. The problem is that most people believe that all honey is alike, and so they don’t understand that there are some varieties that offer far more than others.

For example, all varieties of honey possess antioxidant properties, and all of them have healing properties to a certain extent. This is due to special enzymes in these honeys that give them antibacterial and antifungal properties. In a rare few varieties the level of antifungal and antibacterial strength far exceeds that which is considered normal, and active Manuka honey is among these.


Active Manuka honey as moisturizer works effectively on your skin, because it supports the skin’s own cell renewal process. This restore’s and rejuvenates your skin, which makes it look softer and younger looking than before. This substance assists in the formation of stronger collagen, which is the protein in your skin that is responsible for maintaining elasticity.

The benefit provided by strengthening collagen makes active Manuka honey a natural partner in an anti aging cream for Cynergy TK. This is a component created from enzymes, and a fusion of zinc and copper protein complexes. Cynergy TK has been clinically proven to dramatically increase the production of the molecules that form both collagen and elastin.

Active Manuka honey as moisturizer will provide your skin with such a large dose of antioxidants that the free radicals present don’t stand much of a chance. These antioxidants will repair the molecular damage caused by these free radicals, and help to alleviate the lines and wrinkles that this damage has caused. This compound will heal your skin in other ways too.

It is known to be effective at healing blemishes such as acne, and it will also help in the treatment of more serious ailments like psoriasis, and eczema. This compound has such powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties that just absorbing it through your skin is enough to boost your immune system, and this has been proven by science.

There is a huge difference in the results that you will get with the right variety of honey as moisturizer. Active Manuka honey is the smart choice for getting everything out of your treatment.

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