Where to Find Plans for Your Chicken Coop Project

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Spending a weekend doing projects is more than just a way to pass the idle hours. You can make it productive and exciting by using your hands to build something that would benefit you. A good idea would be to build your own chicken coop so that you will be able to raise your own livestock and get fresh eggs which you know are safe to eat.

Provided that your zoning allows you to build a chicken coop and keep livestock, the first thing that you should do is to research for options on how to build it yourself. A good resource is the Internet, and it would be as easy as typing in “build your own chicken coop” at the search bar of any search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Exciting as it may sound, hold your enthusiasm and browse through the options before you click on any “buy now” buttons.

Finding a Good Deal

Not all chicken coops are created equal, and neither will the sites that are selling them and teaching you how to build them. You should lay down a few rules in considering which site to purchase from.

1. Guarantees – It could be a service and parts replacement guarantee (which is good) or a “money back” guarantee just in case you don’t like the chicken coop that they have sold. Make sure that the conditions for these guarantees are not impossible to adhere to, otherwise those guarantees are worthless.

2. Security- Look for the Security Certification on the website that you want to buy from. This will ensure that your computer and your transactions are safe and you will not be getting any unwanted “extras” (spam mail, viruses, and other malware) with your purchase. It will be much better if they have a payment process that will not give your account details to the merchant like PayPal or other services.

3. Customer Care – Try sending them an email first and see if you get a response. An “auto-response” is not enough. If within a week of sending the email, no human being has gotten in touch with you yet, it may be time to scratch that site off your list.

4. Customizability- If you wanted a run of the mill chicken coop, it would be easier to buy one that is already built, unless you really want to sweat it out. But, if you want a chicken coop that is 100% your own, look for a site that can give you options in making a coop that will fit your specs.

Aside from the eggs and the pleasant clucking, chickens also create really good fertilizer. So if you have a coop of about 5 chickens, you will also have enough fertilizer for a small vegetable garden.

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